Feedback from journalists and commentators

“Tom Gross is probably Europe’s leading observer of the Middle East.”

--  Former Pentagon official Michael Rubin, writing in Commentary magazine, May 5, 2014

“Tom Gross’s dynamic dispatches bring to light stories that matter. He’s a one-man news agency of the most impressive kind.”

--  Former Arab Affairs editor for the BBC, Magdi Abdelhadi

“Tom’s dispatches are a great round-up of relevant open-source information that frequently serve me as jumping-off points for exploring areas of interest and trends.”

--  Former Senior Israeli Intelligence official, Shmuel Bar

“Tom Gross performs a unique and brave and brilliant service in a world of lies and spite.”

--  Julie Burchill, writer for The Independent, Guardian and Times of London

“Tom Gross is one of the leading experts in the field.”

--  Bret Stephens, Pullitzer-prize winning columnist and deputy editorial page editor for The Wall Street Journal, now at The New York Times

“Both as a commentator and news purveyor Tom Gross has been tireless and instructive in offering an invaluable perspective on events from the Middle East, providing insights often not available from conventional sources. I find his work a helpful counterweight to some of the news coming out of this region, particularly in terms of filling in some of the blanks in other reporting. I share his dispatches with my colleagues.”

--  Jack Schwartz, an assistant culture editor at The New York Times (now retired)

“Tom Gross has played an important role in helping me reformulate my ideas. His pieces on anti-Israel attitudes in the media have been a great boon.”

--  Michael Gove, columnist for The Times of London and a former British government minister

“Tom Gross’s expertise also derives from the fact he is in touch with people from all sides.”

--  British TV commentator Jonathan Sacerdoti

Above, right, Tom Gross with militant Palestinian security chief Jibril Rajoub, and left with hardline Israeli cabinet minister Naftali Bennett and former British education and justice minister Michael Gove. (Photos from February and March 2017.)

“Tom Gross is exceptionally well-informed, with a unique understanding of the way the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is being covered by the international media.”

--  David Horovitz, Founding editor, The Times of Israel; Former editor-in-chief, The Jerusalem Post

“Tom Gross’s Middle East Dispatches are admirable.”

--  Charles Moore, former editor of The Daily Telegraph, writing in his column in the Spectator, Jan. 14, 2006

“One of the many lessons which people might take from this [Mohammed cartoon] episode is that if they want the uncensored truth about a matter of genuine controversy they are better off scrolling the internet – and Wikipedia – than buying any British newspaper.”

--  Dominic Lawson, former editor of the Sunday Telegraph, writing in his column in the (London) Independent, Feb. 7, 2006; columnist for the (London) Daily Mail and Sunday Times

“Tom Gross’s Middle East dispatches are such a good service.”

--  Harry Evans, former editor-in-chief of The Times and Sunday Times of London

“Tom Gross employs extraordinary skill in combining an expertise in international relations and Middle Eastern politics with a reporter’s shrewd eye for detail and an intellectual’s capacity for analysis. The Journal has been lucky to have him as a contributor.”

--  Erich Eichman, Books Editor, The Wall Street Journal

“As for so much else unreported in the British media, I am indebted to Tom Gross’s indispensable website on the Middle East – – for my information.”

--  (The late) Frank Johnson, writing in his Daily Telegraph column, Sept. 16, 2006

“Tom Gross’s Middle East dispatches regularly contain an unusually good crop of items.”

--  (The late) Christopher Hitchens, author and columnist for Vanity Fair, The Atlantic and Slate

Left with Ensaf Haidar, the exiled wife of Saudi political prisoner, Raif Badawi, who is campaigning for his release. Right with Maryam Faghihimani, the exiled daughter of one of the most prominent Iranian ayatollahs, who is a senior advisor to the Supreme Leader.

“Middle East expert Tom Gross,” cited for his original reports in a Wall Street Journal op-ed (“Obama’s Jerusalem stonewall”)

--  Mort Zuckerman, owner of The New York Daily News and U.S. News and World Report, writing in The Wall Street Journal, April 28, 2010.

“Tom Gross’s mideast dispatches are not only incisive and highly readable, but they are of great importance. They have helped to influence the climate of opinion not only in the U.S., but in Europe.”

--  Daniel Schwammenthal, former op-ed and comment editor for The Wall Street Journal Europe

“Tom Gross, as always, has more.”

--  David Frum, former U.S. presidential speechwriter, writing on National Review online

“You get some people, Tom Gross being a good example, who put out the truth on a regular basis.”

--  Andrew Roberts, British historian and commentator, writing in Standpoint magazine, Sept. 2009

“Tom Gross makes some good points.”

--  Alan Rusbridger, former Editor-in-chief, The Guardian

“I heartily recommend the indispensable Tom Gross and his website dispatches.”

--  Douglas Murray, writing in his Daily Telegraph column, Feb. 18, 2010

“Tom Gross has excellent stuff.”

--  Stephanie Gutmann, writing in her Daily Telegraph column, Feb. 20, 2010

Interviewing refugees and migrants from Syria and Afghanistan, in Greece, 2015.

“Tom Gross’s materials are very interesting and extremely useful for my work.”

--  Ben-Dror Yemini, former Op-Ed editor, Maariv

“Tom Gross’s writings on the Middle East are an important source of information for us at CNN to put this very important, volatile and emotional story into perspective.”

--  Gary Baumgarten, Senior correspondent, CNN radio news network

“Tom Gross deserves an award for the steady flow of insights about the Middle East and the media he provides.”

--  Claudia Rosett, writer for Forbes magazine and The Wall Street Journal

“Tom Gross’s work is taken seriously at the highest levels in media and government.”

--  Paul Lewis, a managing editor of the Economist Intelligence Unit of The Economist magazine; now at the Financial Times in London

“I found Tom Gross’s studies and analysis very important.”

--  Liu Ling, former Jerusalem correspondent, China State Radio

“In a world where reporting is so largely in the hands of the ignorant or the biased, Tom Gross stands for telling the truth with courage and integrity.”

--  David Pryce-Jones, senior Editor of the National Review and author of “The Closed Circle: An Interpretation of the Arabs”

“ is a superb website and should be required reading for all those who want to understand how the media misreports on the Middle East, and influences policy.”

--  Robin Shepherd, author and formerly a correspondent at Reuters

Above left, one of the memorials honoring Saddam Hussein a few yards from Palestinian President Abbas’s HQ in Ramallah (photo taken by Tom Gross, Nov. 2016). And right T.G. at a new brewery in Bir Zeit, owned and run by Palestinian Muslims, named Shepherds, using a Jesus-like logo.

“Tom Gross’s news digests are very helpful. He always manages to find valuable stuff the rest of the media doesn’t report.”

--  Jonathan Kay, Comment editor, The National Post (Canada)

“Tom Gross is a very important source of news about the Middle East.”

--  Abby Wisse, editorial board member, The New York Post

“Tom Gross is a one-man army when it comes to exposing the hypocrisies and prejudices of the mainstream press for his media-centric weblist.”

--  Ron Rosenbaum, from the introduction to his book “Those who forget the past” (Random House)

“Tom Gross’s dispatches are truly excellent; they are crammed with invaluable material.”

--  Professor Efraim Karsh, London and Harvard universities

“Tom Gross is an invaluable source of information, analysis and insight on the Middle East and its coverage. His work makes the work of other practitioners in the field both easier and harder: easier for those who strive for accuracy and truth in telling the Middle East story; harder for those who strive to conceal the truth from their audience in the service of their political agendas.”

--  Emanuele Ottolenghi, former lecturer at Oxford University, contributor to U.S., Italian and other media

“Tom Gross has made a significant impact on the international understanding of the Arab-Israeli conflict.”

--  Peter Hitchens, Columnist, The Mail on Sunday, London

“Tom Gross is journalism’s antidote to those who willfully distort the truth.”

--  Michael Laurence, author, editor and director, formerly with CBS and NBC

“I and other producers and correspondents from leading international news agencies have often sought the advice of Tom Gross on Middle Eastern affairs.”

--  Guy Lynn, former Senior Producer, Jerusalem Bureau, ABC TV Australia
Former producer, Reuters TV

“Tom Gross makes his points clearly and forcefully, and is interesting to read.”

--  Jay Tolson, formerly head of news at Radio Free Europe, writer for U.S. News and World Report; now based at VOA in Washington

“Tom Gross’s dispatches offer fascinating albeit often frightening insights.”

--  Joanna Radyner, correspondent, Austrian Radio and TV

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