Forgetting to mention the Jews: The BBC, Prince Harry, and the Holocaust

January 16, 2005


[Note by Tom Gross]

Newspapers in a number of countries have covered the issue of Prince Harry’s Nazi uniform – and the fact that his elder brother Prince William helped choose it for him and accompanied Harry to the party without a word of protest – in a serious and comprehensive way.

Some tabloids in Britain and America have been imaginative in their headlines: “Hitler Youth,” “Royal ‘heil’ to pay,” “Der Furor,” and so on.

But the BBC – entirely in line with their often duplicitous and manipulative coverage of Jewish issues, such as anti-Semitism and the Middle East – has engaged in a dangerous bout of Holocaust revisionism on the children’s section of their website.

On Thursday, as a side issue to the Prince Harry story that dominated news bulletins that day, the BBC posted a guide on the children and teenagers’ section of their website in order to explain what the Holocaust is. The most prominent page of that guide (Titled “The Holocaust. What was it?”) neglects to (a) mention Jews (b) falsely states most victims were German citizens, and (c) encourages the myth that other groups were persecuted by the Nazis in anything like the way Jews were. (As I have noted before on this email list, many mainstream media have in recent years started to greatly exaggerate the numbers of Roma (gypsies) and homosexuals who died at the hands of the Nazis. Those on this list who know me personally know that I am a former special advisor to the UN on Roma and have written extensively on the subject.)

Since Thursday I have been dialoguing with the BBC at a senior level in the hope that it would alter the text of this webpage. The BBC has not done so, and I therefore now attach below the item in full as it appears at the present time (Sunday January 16, 5 pm GMT) on the children’s section of the BBC website, in the hope that some of the many British and other journalists on this list will take up the matter, as will the heads of Yad Vashem, and senior members of groups such as the Simon Wiesenthal Center and the ADL who are also long-time subscribers to this email list. The BBC is one of the world’s largest media organizations and the BBC’s website is read by millions worldwide. Those who want to read one of my pieces on the BBC (“Living in a Bubble: The BBC’s very own Mideast foreign policy”) can so here.


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BBC Guides: The Holocaust

What was it?

The Holocaust was a mass murder of millions of people leading up to and during the Second World War.

The killings took place in Europe between 1933 and 1945. They were organised by the German Nazi party which was lead by Adolf Hitler.

Most of the victims died because they belonged to certain racial or religious groups which the Nazis wanted to wipe out, even though they were German citizens.

This kind of killing is called genocide.


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