Palestinian TV last night: “Mohammed Ordered Muslims to Kill Jews”

July 14, 2003


1. "TV curbs anti-Israel rhetoric" (BBC News, July 9, 2003)
2. "PA Academic on PA TV: Mohammed Ordered Muslims to Kill Jews" (Palestinian Media Watch, July 14, 2003)
3. "Children Are Indocrinated For Terrorism "With Arafat's Blessing"" (Sunday Telegraph, By Tom Gross in Jerusalem, August 30, 1998)
4. "PA arrests terrorists - then stages the "escape" (Palestinian Media Watch, July 6, 2003)
5. "200 Palestinian Terrorist Prisoners Study in Israeli Universities" (Palestinian Media Watch, June 29, 2003)

[Note by Tom Gross]

I attach the BBC report, "[Palestinian] TV curbs anti-Israel rhetoric," BBC News, Wednesday, 9 July, 2003, followed by a report by Palestinian Media Watch, about yesterday's broadcast (July 13, 2003) on official PA TV, in which a Palestinian academic (Dr Hassan Khader, publisher of the Al Quds Encyclopedia) tells viewers that "Mohammed ordered Muslims to kill Jews." This kind of incitement, besides breaching the various agreements the Palestinian Authority has signed, is indicative that many in the Palestinian Authority still do not believe in "land for peace," but have genocidal intent.

PA TV has broadcast these kinds of messages (that it is Allah's will that obedient Muslims must kill Jews in order to bring Redemption) on many other occasions since signing the Oslo "peace" accords.

The vast majority of international journalists and news editors have refused to report on this kind of hatred and incitement, which dates from throughout the "Oslo" period, when Yasser Arafat carefully indoctrinated a new generation of terrorists. PA TV is controlled by Arafat, using funds supplied in part by the European Union.

The only journalist I am aware of that wrote about this incitement in a mainstream European newspaper through the so-called "Oslo years" was myself. "Children Are Indoctrinated For Terrorism 'With Arafat's Blessing'", published in the Sunday Telegraph (London) on August 30, 1998. I reported: "A series of summer camps and television programmes for Palestinian children, which have been running throughout the summer, reached their climax last week with a closing ceremony where thousands chanted slogans calling for holy war and for the elimination of Israel. Children as young as seven paraded with automatic weapons." At that time Arafat also held for himself the portfolio of Palestinian education minister. (See full article attached below).

I was denounced (wrongly) as a "right-winger" by fellow journalists in Jerusalem for writing about these summer camps and TV broadcasts. This is not a left-right issue. The leading politician (and in fact one of the only ones) campaigning against Palestinian incitement to murder Jews in Europe is the left-wing member of the German parliament Ilka Schroder, who is calling on the EU to stop its support of the Palestinian Authority until its stops using European funds for these kinds of broadcasts.

I am quite frankly amazed that people who call themselves liberals don't speak out about this. True liberals like myself care not just about saving lives but about the child abuse inflicted on Palestinian children by Yasser Arafat with European support.

- Tom Gross

Relating to my dispatch last week about the Palestinian prisoner issue, I also attach two other recent Palestinian Media Watch Bulletin bulletins:

* PA arrests terrorists - then stages the "escape"
* 200 Palestinian Terrorist Prisoners Study in Israeli Universities

It is much more startling to see the video clip from PA TV last night urging Jews to be killed, than just reading about it. To view this broadcast see the Palestinian Media Watch website




TV curbs anti-Israel rhetoric
BBC News
July 9, 2003

By Peter Feuilherade
Media analyst

BBC Monitoring has observed that the official Palestinian television channel has cut back substantially on anti-Israel rhetoric since the ceasefire declared by Palestinian militant groups on 29 June.

On Tuesday, the Palestinian Information Ministry announced it had issued specific instructions to all media outlets in the West Bank and Gaza to ensure their compliance with a presidential decree banning "incitement".

Palestinian and Israeli officials agreed to set up two committees "to reach an understanding of the concept and forms of incitement," according to the Palestinian news agency Wafa.

"Such programmes are now almost extinct. Instead of incitement and hate passages, the channel broadcasts quiet songs as well as songs in praise of [Palestinian leader Yasser] Arafat," says Israel Radio's Arab affairs correspondent.

Palestine TV had toned down its programming during several previous ceasefires, but this time, it has also aired a new music video aimed at showing Palestinian aspirations for peace with the Israelis.

Media analysts with experience of Palestine TV's output say that while the channel continues to broadcast some music videos containing what some would class as inflammatory material, the effort to tone down its broadcasts - and to be seen to be doing so - is evident.

For instance, a phone-in talk show presenter cut off several callers last week after they attempted to express support for suicide attacks or call for the return of lands the Palestinians say were confiscated after Israel became an independent state in 1948.

Palestine TV subsequently broadcast a talk show on incitement which included an unprecedented music video dedicated to Israeli-Palestinian peace.

The footage gave prominence to scenes of doves, flowers being scattered and Christian, Muslim and Jewish children and adults joining in dance sequences.

In an indication that Palestinian officials are attempting to tighten state control over private media, the Information Ministry set a one month deadline on 2 July for media organisations to obtain licences to continue operating.

Citing a 1995 law, the Palestinian director-general of Printing and Publications Hani al-Masri said a licence for broadcasters, the press and polling organisations was vital in order to "prevent anarchy and lack of discipline".

BBC Monitoring, based in Caversham in southern England, selects and translates information from radio, television, press, news agencies and the Internet from 150 countries in more than 70 languages.



PA Academic on PA TV:
Mohammed Ordered Muslims to Kill Jews
By Itamar Marcus
Palestinian Media Watch Bulletin
July 14, 2003

The premise and basis for negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians is that the conflict is not an irreconcilable religious war, but one over borders. However, Palestinian religious and academic leaders publicly teach that the Israel-Palestinian conflict is part of Islam's irreconcilable religious war against the Jews. To justify this view, Palestinians repeatedly cite Islamic sources to demand as religious doctrine, that Jews be hated, even demanding the killing of Jews as the will of Allah.

Tens of times in recent years Palestinian religious leaders have taught publicly that a particular Hadith (Islamic traditions attributed to Mohammed) expressing Allah's will that obedient Muslims must kill Jews, is a current obligation of Islam. This Hadith, which demands the murder of Jews in order to bring Redemption, was cited again yesterday on Palestinian TV by a Palestinian academic, Dr Hassan Khader, founder of the Al Quds Encyclopedia, during a lecture focusing on what he describes as the war of the Jews against Palestinian trees.

His words quoting the Hadith:

"Mohammed said in his Hadith: "The Hour [Day of Resurrection] will not arrive until you fight the Jews, [until a Jew will hide behind a rock or tree] and the rock and the tree will say: 'Oh Muslim, servant of Allah, there is a Jew behind me, come and kill him!'"

[PA TV July 13, 2003]

The continued expression of this PA world-view is most ominous, for by depicting Redemption as dependent on Muslim's murder of Jews, the murder of Jews is being presented as mandatory religious obligation.

To view the broadcast, and a previous use of the same source by a religious leader, click on



Children Are Indocrinated For Terrorism "With Arafat's Blessing"
Sunday Telegraph
By Tom Gross in Jerusalem
August 30, 1998

CHILDREN as young as seven are being trained as the next generation of international terrorists with the approval of Yasser Arafat. They are undergoing intensive indoctrination in Gaza to hate Israel, Jews and the West.

A series of summer camps and television programmes for Palestinian children, which have been running throughout the summer, reached their climax last week with a closing ceremony where thousands chanted slogans calling for holy war and for the elimination of Israel. Children as young as seven paraded with automatic weapons.

Viewers were outraged after scenes from the camps, and Children's Club, a popular Palestinian programme with the same message, were shown on Israeli television. The pictures from Children's Club are almost surreal. Set in a primary school classroom, posters of Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck adorn one wall, pictures of Mr Arafat, president of the Palestinian Authority, another.

While their teachers applaud, festively-dressed children stand before the camera, microphone in hand, and one by one they announce their intention to become suicide bombers. A Palestinian girl of about eight declares: "And when I shall wander into the entrance of Jerusalem, I will turn into a suicide warrior."

In another scene, a boy of about the same age says: "We will throw them into the sea. The day is near when we will settle our account with stones and bullets." The class sings about "liberating" towns not only on the West Bank but within Israel proper, such as Beersheva, Haifa and Acre.

The summer camps had an even more violent and militaristic character. At one, boys and girls stood in lines of three singing the Palestinian national anthem while behind them a huge mural showed Jerusalem's Temple Mount covered with blood and strewn with skulls, and Arab horses parading over them.

Other camp activities included training in the use of firearms and jumping through rings of fire while yelling "jihad" (holy war). Posters prepared in the camp art classes show maps of Israel completely shaded out with Palestinian national colours, and reading: "We will return."

What alarms and angers Israelis is that both the programmes and camps have been organised not by groups that openly oppose peace with Israel, but by the Palestinian Authority, which committed itself in the Oslo agreement to "foster mutual understanding and tolerance" with Israel and to "abstain from incitement and hostile propaganda".

The Israeli government believes that Mr Arafat is personally responsible for the incitement. David Bar-Illan, spokesman for Benjamin Netanyahu, the prime minister, said: "Anyone who thinks this hatred is taking place without the approval of Arafat is mistaken. He has reserved for himself the education portfolio in the Palestinian cabinet and is in direct control of school textbooks and summer camps. There can be little hope for reconciliation if people, especially the youth, are subject to constant indoctrination portraying their neighbours in such vile ways."

Mr Bar-Illan said that the Israeli government is particularly angry that the textbooks on this year's Palestinian school curriculum include almost verbatim clauses from the Palestinians' Covenant. One book reads: "The division of Palestine in 1947 and the creation of the state of Israel are annulled" and "without blood not one centimetre will be free".

The Palestinians claim that they have already renounced the clauses in their Covenant calling for Israel's destruction, a claim which was accepted by the previous Israeli government of Shimon Peres but is disputed by Mr Netanyahu's government. Mr Netanyahu has said that he is not willing to cede any more territory on the West Bank to Mr Arafat until the Palestinians unambiguously renounce the clauses in their Covenant calling for the destruction of Israel.



PA arrests terrorists - then stages the "escape"
by Itamar Marcus
Palestinian Media Watch Bulletin, Archives Bulletin
July 6, 2003

Satisfaction is being expressed in Israel and the United States with the arrest of a small number of terrorists by the Palestinian Authority [PA] police. However, it should be remembered that in the past the PA would arrest terrorists under US pressure, only to subsequently free them under distinctly orchestrated "escapes", when US and world opinion was focused on other issues. During one such "escape" the PA police literally took the terrorists out of jail and brought them to the university to "register for courses", where they were released.

The following is the description from the Palestinian daily of one of these "escapes", of 3 Islamic Jihad terrorists, in 1999:

"Governor of Nablus, Brigadier General Mahmud Alaalul, a member of the revolutionary committee of Fatah... disclosed the details of the escape of 3 Islamic Jihad prisoners - Iyad Hardan, Ahmed Mihdawi and Asaad Daqa from the Jinid [PA] prison, explaining that the prisoners escaped by taking advantage of the leniencies offered to them by the Palestinian Authority for humanitarian reasons.

Last Saturday, the prison officials allowed the 4 prisoners to go to the Al-Kuds Open University to register for studies. The 4 were accompanied by a single policeman and once there, the 4 entered the university while the policeman waited for them outside. After a few hours, only one of the 4 prisoners returned, the others did not. It was clear that the other 3 had escaped.

Alaalul notes the high level of trust between the prison management and the prisoners as the reason that the prison sent only one policeman, and that their escape was unexpected."

[Al Quds: October 6, 1999]



200 Palestinian Terrorist Prisoners Study in Israeli Universities
by Itamar Marcus
Palestinian Media Watch
Multi-media Bulletin
June 29, 2003

The Palestinians via their media portray Israeli prisons as torture chambers for Palestinian prisoners.

[Click on PMW website to see Palestinian video with actors depicting "Israeli torture of Palestinians".]

Yet in a recent interview on PA TV, Ahmad Jabara, the terrorist who served 27 years in Israeli prisons for murdering 14 in a Jerusalem bombing in 1975, and was released last month as a good will gesture, unwittingly presented a picture of the unique beneficence of Israeli prisons.

The host asks Ahmad Jabara to describe the hardship and torture in the Israeli jail, so that "the viewers can feel, even just a little, the suffering and wretchedness of the prisoners." Jabara responds with two contradictory statements. First he charges that the Israeli prisons are as bad as Nazi camps. However, in his depiction of the nature of this "Nazi like" evil the worst example he could site was: "at any given moment the Israelis could burst into our rooms and check us." Later on in the interview, he went even further in depicting the excellent conditions of Israeli prisons, when mentioning that Palestinian prisoners can even get a university education from Israeli universities!

The following is from the discussion on PA TV:

The host: "Describe the conditions of the prisoners so that the viewers can feel, even just a little, their suffering and wretchedness."

Ahmad Jabara: "I would like to tell the leadership of our Arab and Islamic nations that we are living in camps where there is no less suffering than in the Nazi camps in Germany. In fact, at any given moment the Israelis could burst into our rooms and check us...

And, thank God, as Palestinian prisoners, more than 200 of us have been accepted into the Hebrew University and the Ben Gurion University, and our brother Hisham Abed Al-Razak [PA Minister for Prisoners] is paying the tuition fees ...Even in the prisons we are studying, and we are looking forward to the future and live in hope..."

PA TV June 23, 2003

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