Palestinian Fatah officials send Happy Birthday greetings to Saddam Hussein

May 03, 2005

[This is an update to several previous dispatches on this list detailing the admiration for Saddam Hussein's Ba'athist regime by the Fatah regime in the territory which is slated to become a Palestinian state.]



[Note by Tom Gross]

In another sign that not that much has changed in terms of Palestinian Authority attitudes to democracy and human rights since Yasser Arafat was succeed by his deputy, Mohammed Abbas, an advertisement warmly sending birthday greetings to Saddam Hussein was published on Sunday in the official Palestinian Authority daily newspaper, Al Hayat Al Jadida.

Saddam Hussein continues to be seen as an example of good governance and strong leadership by the Palestinian leadership and much of its brainwashed population.

Senior Palestinian academic have also called for violent attacks against Americans in Iraq (and Israelis everywhere), but no teachers' union in America, Britain or elsewhere has called upon them to be boycotted.

More mass graves of many hundreds of Iraqi Kurdish women and children civilians executed on Saddam's orders were found only a few days ago, but it seems that neither Fatah officials nor many leftist Western university teachers care.

-- Tom Gross



The following is the text of the birthday greeting published in the PA daily, Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, on May 1, 2005:

"Blessings to the leader of the masses, Saddam Hussein the faithful, the legal President of the Iraqi Republic on the occasion of his 68th birthday.

Two members of the leadership of the Fatah Movement, Bader Tewfik Hassan "Abu Yunis" and Fuzi Kamel Shahrur, express to the leader of the nation and her warrior knight SADDAM HUSSEIN

The president of the Iraqi Republic best wishes on the occasion of his 68th birthday, and bless all of the faithful among the Iraqi and Arab nations, who support and defend justice.

We wish him long life for the sake of Iraq and to free the Arab nation from the enslavement of foreign imperialism. Oh, the glory of victory, with the help of Allah."

(Information and translation courtesy of Itamar Marcus and Barbara Crook, of Palestinian Media Watch. Itamar Marcus is a long-time subscriber to this email list.)

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