BBC: September 11 attacks “not terrorism”

November 29, 2001

With this mailing, I am adding a number of recent acquaintances to my “Middle East mailing list”. This list, originally began for friends and family some three years ago, now extends to hundreds of people throughout the world, including government officials, ambassadors, other diplomats and numerous journalists and commentators. Everyone on the list is included only at their own request.

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BBC: September 11 attacks “not terrorism”
By Rusty Pugh and Chad Groening
November 27, 2001

Another major news service has announced it will stop using a word that might offend those who crash airplanes into buildings.

According to The Guardian newspaper, the British Broadcasting Corporation has joined Reuters News in refusing to label the September 11 attacks on America as acts of terrorism. Mark Damazer, the BBC’s deputy director of news, said the service would lose its reputation for impartiality around the world if it were seen to use such a subjective term. He says guests on the company’s various networks may continue to use the term, but news correspondents must use more neutral terms, such as “attack.”

Speaking at an international convention of broadcasters, Damazer and others also criticized American coverage of the war on terror. Tony Burman, executive director at the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, said U.S. coverage failed to take into account the international perspective.

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