Of the 10 Israeli dead, eight were teenagers and two were aged 20

December 02, 2001

This is an update to yesterday's dispatch titled Three Jerusalem bombs (December 1, 2001). Very few of the international media reports on the Jerusalem bombings make reference to the victims' ages. AP, Reuters, and the New York Times today did not mention the victims ages. CNN, by contrast, did say they were teenagers. I attach details below.

-- Tom Gross


All 10 victims in last night's suicide bombings in Jerusalem were laid to rest today.

The victims from last night's (Saturday) December 1, 2001, multiple bomb attack in Jerusalem have been identified. The victims were all youths whose ages ranged from 14 to 20. Following are the names of the victims:

Yuri Kurganov, 20 years old.
Yosef Elezra, 18 years old.
Moshe Yedid Levy, 19 years old.
Golan Tourjeman, 15 years old.
Assaf Avitan, 15 years old.
Nir Heftzdi, 19 years old.
Michael Moshe Dahan, 20 years old.
Adam Weinstein, 14 years old.
Guy Vaknin, 19 years old.
Yisrael Yakov Danino, 17 years old.

[Follow-up note: The BBC finally mentioned their young ages in their Sunday evening reports, some hours after BBC staff were among those who received this dispatch.]

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