Searching for victims’ relatives abroad

December 04, 2001


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December 3, 2001 11:00

Jewish Agency For Israel Communications and Information Unit

Nine of the victims of the Haifa explosion, whose bodies have so far been identified, are new immigrants.

The Jewish Agency is at this moment attempting to locate relatives of the victims in the former Soviet Union, Germany and the United States, and will fly them free of charge to Israel as soon as possible.

For Details contact Yehuda Weinraub Office of The Jewish Agency Spokesman 055-284805

[Note by TG The following is adapted from the Jerusalem Post. For those who wish to make donations, at the end of the article, there is a phone number for Sela, the Israeli non-profit group that helps the families of dead and injured immigrants.]


Agencies rushing to help immigrants hard hit by violence
Jerusalem Post
December 4, 2001

Government and private agencies are rallying to help families of immigrants killed and wounded in the weekend wave of terror attacks, as they are less likely than native Israelis to have family and other support networks, officials said yesterday.

At least 14 immigrants have died in terrorist incidents since Thursday, including at least nine in the suicide bus bombing in Haifa on Sunday and two in the Jerusalem suicide bombings late Saturday night, according to the Israel Crisis Management Center (Sela), an immigrant aid association.

At least 11 of the teens wounded in the Jerusalem attack were immigrants.

Two immigrants were killed in the bus explosion last Thursday on the Wadi Ara highway near Pardess Hanna.

Earlier in the week, a 16-year-old immigrant girl was badly wounded in a terror attack in Afula.

The immigrant community has been hard hit by these attacks. The Jerusalem explosion happened on the six-month anniversary of the attack on the Dolphin disco in Tel Aviv, which killed 21 young adults and teens, virtually all of them FSU immigrants. She had returned from a memorial gathering of the parents when she heard about the Jerusalem explosion.

Following such incidents, the group assigns a volunteer to stay in contact with the affected family members so they do not become isolated.

Sela, founded in 1992, is located in Neveh Tzedek. For information and donations, call (972 - 3) 510-7750

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