Intifada poetry: An appeal from Gilo

December 04, 2001

In case anyone in Israel or abroad on this list wishes to express their feelings through poetry, I attach the following sent to me by a resident of the Jerusalem suburb of Gilo, which has frequently been a target for Palestinian rocket and machine gun attack.

As a one time exception, I am enclosing an email appeal from an embattled resident of Gilo, given the complete lack of informative coverage of their plight at present in the western media.

(Please do not ask me to send other such items in the future. This email list is for information purposes, not for lobbying or the sending of appeals.)

-- Tom Gross


From: Sue (Yaffa) Tourkin-Komet
Sent: Sunday, December 2, 2001
Subject: Intifada Poetry I am The Editor For Your Information

Dear Friends and future Friends,

This e-mail is meant to GO PUBLIC and inform you (and any of your other poet friends and acquaintances, male or female, of all ADULT ages) that I am The Editor of a forth-coming book (or short stories / essays / vignettes 1,500 words maximum) that deals with the topic of INTIFADA.

That word should need no translation.

You and I may keep in mind that our "current" Intifada is not only 14 months long / short, but goes back many years, decades, and centuries.

I shall accept entries only by e-mail.

I shall accept only 3 entries per person.

If you or they are prolific writers, then you / they may submit 3 poems and 2 essays AT THE MOST.

I shall accept poems that are only one-two standard "typed" pages in length
at the very most.

I shall accept entries only from persons who send me their full name and basic identification, snail mail address, e-mail address, tel. number, their age desireably (in order to appreciate if "immature poems" are indeed written by 10 or 12 year-olds, rather than by "adults") and an ID number (if your or their name be new to me), be it Israeli or American or any other nationality, because of the sensitive nature of the material.

In the event that the identity of the author or the content of his / her submitted material looks "desireable" but simultaneously "questionable," I may have to request names of recommenders in any city, village, or hamlet on this planet, in order to discover a mutual third party.

(In other words, not to receive any "practical jokers" un-solicited material.)


I shall not publish (nor keep) anything "Racist."

I shall be the one to determine the "Thin Line" between the Freedom of Speech and on the other hand, some degree of "universal brotherly / sisterly love."

If any one writer's works look so desireable, then I shall be the one to ask for more submissions from him / or from her.

I shall delete any submitter who ignores these standards.

I shall not be giving any one writer or poet any Proteksia (favoritism) because he / she is my friend, neighbor, or relative.

And with such limitations stated, I must add that:

I am the originator of this idea (so far), am doing this voluntarily (so far), have written only 2-3 Intifada poems of my own (so far), thus meeting my own limit as I set for others.

Poems or stories of a humorous or satirical nature, however only in good taste which deal with the Intifada, will also be considered.

I understandably reserve the right to edit the submitted material, but more for "errors" and less for content.

I was awarded this Editorship, by an Editor in Tel Aviv, who edits the annual book of the Israeli English Writers' Association (which is publishing a poetic essay of mine in their upcoming book called "CAFE POETRY" in Jan. 2002, G-d willing) and whose editor does not have the time nor the inclination to do a separate book on Intifada Poetry.

As I am the Originator of this idea, I am now the Editor.

I welcome all submissions, according to the guidelines set down in this letter to you.

I invite you to copy this letter and to forward it to your Mailing List but only according to your own good selection.

Respectfully yours,
Sue Tourkin-komet,
poet, author, and editor,
gilo, jerusalem


I shall also accept material that has been previously published, on condition that the author and the prior publishing house will state their explicit "snail mail" advance written permission granting such re-prints' rights up-front, at the onset, to avoid any and all problems that could occur because of infringements of Copyright Laws.

I shall also consider receiving simultaneous or "second-hand" material which has been submitted to other publishing houses and was not yet published.

All notes and summaries copyright © Tom Gross. All rights reserved.