Palestinian Authority plans longer-range rocket

December 04, 2001

I attach an article from Middle East News Line, a well-informed and generally accurate news service.

-- Tom Gross


Middle East News Line
December 3, 2001

The Palestinian Authority has deployed the Kassam-1 short-range rocket and plans to develop longer-range models.

Israeli and Palestinian sources said the PA and Islamic opposition groups are using the rocket along with mortars. They said the Kassam-1 has proven to be an effective Palestinian response to Israeli tank and missile fire.

The Kassam-1 is the first Palestinian-made rocket, designed by the Hamas group. Palestinian sources said the designer was identified as Adnan Ghaoul. Israeli and Palestinian sources said the range of the rocket is between four and five kilometers and is far more accurate than Palestinian mortars. They said the PA has taken charge of production of the rocket.

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