Israel’s response to terror raid will come soon; attacker was from PA naval force

January 09, 2002

Following a terror attack this morning in which four IDF soldiers were killed, Israel is weighing up its response with further proof that Yasser Arafat is doing nothing to curb Palestinian terrorism.

-- Tom Gross


Report: Israel's response to terror raid will come soon
The Jerusalem Post
January 9, 2002

Senior diplomatic sources in Jerusalem this afternoon said Israel will respond in the coming days to this morning's terror raid in which four IDF soldiers were killed.

Sgt.-Maj. Ibrahim Hamadieh, 23, killed in a predawn terrorist raid in southern Israel, will be buried tomorrow at 12:00 p.m. in Reihaneih.

Maj. Ashraf Hoiash Mazarib, 28, from Beit Zarzir, and St.-Sgt. Mofeid Sawayed, 25, from Abu Snan, were killed along with Hamadieh in the attack.

A fourth soldier from the Beduin desert patrol, whose name had not yet be released for publication, was also killed.

Two more of the unit's fighters were also wounded, one critically and one by shock.

The IDF has commenced an investigation into the circumstances of the deadly attack.

Two armed Palestinian terrorists infiltrated into Israel from the southern Gaza Strip in the attack at 4:30 a.m.

Mohammed Abdel Jamus, 23, attached to the Palestinian Authority's naval force, and Imad Abu Razek, 25, a Hamas operative, dressed in PA police uniforms and carried explosive belts, assault rifles, and grenades.

The two, residents of the Dahaniya area in the southern Gaza Strip, were reported missing as of last night, Hizbullah's Lebanon-based Al Manar television said.

Troops shot dead one of the Palestinians. The second was killed after a brief chase.

Sappers defused several unexploded grenades at the scene of the battle.

Kibbutzim adjacent to the Gaza Strip Nir Yitzhak, Sufa, and Holit were placed on high security alert during the operation.

"It is clear beyond any doubt that the seven days of quiet have not taken place," sources at the Prime Minister's Office told Army Radio.

"This morning's events prove beyond all doubt that [PA Chairman Yasser] Arafat is doing nothing to dismantle the terrorists' base," the sources said.

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