The New Statesman’s racist slur

January 11, 2002

In its weekly edition out yesterday (Thursday), the New Statesman, Britain's leading intellectual left-wing magazine (regarded as highly influential by some), discusses the question of whether there is, as the left believes, an all-powerful Zionist lobby, reaching the conclusion that there is one. In response, today's the Sun (a high circulation tabloid newspaper) includes an editorial defending Israel. Below is the Sunís editorial.

-- Tom Gross


Israel's plight
The Sun
January 11, 2002,,31-2002011611,00.html

Why is attacking Jews permissible in this country?

The New Statesman ran a front page yesterday with the racially insensitive headline "A Kosher Conspiracy?"

Apparently much of the media has been conned into supporting Israel.

Bunkum. The media here is often anti-Israeli Ė as are parts of the Foreign Office.

If there is a Jewish lobby, it isn't very effective. In any case ALL nations have lobbyists in London. We call them Ambassadors.

Only in the case of tiny Israel are such "lobbyists" treated as dark forces instead of wish-list cocktail party guests.

Israel is a brave, democratic nation surrounded by forces intent on its ENTIRE destruction.

Israel's enemies are enemies of Britain. And the United States.

To pretend otherwise is dangerous folly.

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