Passover bombing toll reaches 25; Another Haifa victim dies

April 02, 2002

I attach information on victims of the latest terror attacks. This is an update to previous dispatches on the bombs in Netanya and Haifa. The last one was titled Yesterday Haifa, tomorrow who knows? (April 2, 2002).

-- Tom Gross


[Added note, April 8, 2002 concerning “Victims 3” (below)]

Since I sent out this dispatch a few days ago, and possibly because I sent it out to an advisor to the president who is a subscriber to this list, Rachel Levy’s name was mentioned by President Bush in his televised address. Subsequently her name and photo have been carried in the New York Times and on CNN, albeit the New York Times made a grotesque comparison and moral equivalence between Rachel and her murderer.

-- Tom Gross


[Added note, April 2005]

For more on Rachel Levy, please see


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Passover Seder bombing death toll reaches 25; Another Haifa victim dies
April 2, 2002

The total killed in the Netanya Passover Seder Massacre last week has reached 25, as three more people wounded in the suicide bombing – Chana Rogen, 92, of Netanya, Ze'ev Veeder, 50, of Baka'ot and Eltar Britvitz, 87, of Netanya -have died, Israel Radio reported.

Carlos Yerushalmi, 52, of Haifa, died from injuries he received in Sunday's Haifa restaurant bombing, bringing to 15 the number of dead in that terror attack.

Four of the dead from the Netanya bomb, most of whom were elderly, were survivors of World war Two Nazi concentration camps.



As most of the western media continue to tell us in some detail in about the identities of the suicide murderers and next to nothing about their victims, please take a moment to look at the photos of four of the 15 victims of the Haifa bomb.





There were three other teenage victims of this bomb: Brothers Ron Koren, 18, and Gal Koren, 15, and Anat Ron's brother Ofer, 17.



Many newspapers have run extensive profiles of the 18-year-old Palestinian female who killed two Israelis and wounded 32 in a Jerusalem supermarket last Friday. (The New York Times ran profiles of her on two consecutive days). Not one account I have read mentioned that one of her victims was a 17-year-old girl, Rachel Levy. For the record, the New York Times stated that this bomb occurred in southeastern Jerusalem, thereby suggesting that this was "Occupied eastern Jerusalem". Kiryat Hayovel, where the bombing occurred, is in fact in southwestern Jerusalem, a working class Jewish neighborhood.

This is the second young member of the Levy family to be killed by Palestinian terrorists in less than a month. Rachel's cousin, Rafi Levy, was killed in a Palestinian terrorist attack one month earlier. Rachel Levy was buried in Jerusalem. She is survived by her parents, Amos and Avigail, and her two brothers: Guy, 23, and Kobi, 7.

Nor did any international papers I read profile Chaim Smadar, the security guard, who prevented the suicide bomber from going deep inside the store, sacrificing his own life, while saving the lives of many others.

You can see a photo of Rachel at



Palestinian suicide bomber blows himself up at checkpoint
The Associated Press
April 2, 2002

A Palestinian man blew himself up Tuesday night when security forces stopped him at a checkpoint in Baka al-Sharkiyeh, a Palestinian village along the Green Line.

After the man approached the checkpoint on foot, security forces stopped him and began a search, the military said.

Before the search ended, the man detonated explosives strapped around his body, killing himself but not injuring others, the military said.

The bombing was the seventh such attack in as many days.

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