Magen David Adom appeals for funds

April 11, 2002

[Note by Tom Gross]

I have a strict rule against this list being used for the promotion of petitions, protests, rallies, appeals, or overt political messages.

However, as a one-time exception, given the very high level of casualties Israeli civilians are experiencing, the near complete lack of help being offered from international charities and organizations like the Red Cross, and the fact that Israeli services cannot cope, I attach the following appeal which I have been asked to forward. Having a high number of properly equipped and staffed ambulances ready in all major Israeli towns, significantly reduces the numbers of injured who die in the immediate aftermath of terror attacks.

-- Tom Gross


The Magen David Adom (Israel's Emergency, Medical, Health, Blood and Disaster Services) is in desperate needs of funds after months of round-the-clock activity. With over 650 emergency ambulances in operation, providing 24-hour-a-day, 365-day-a-year emergency ambulance and coronary rescue services to all Israel hospitals, a campaign is underway to raise $1,000,000 for urgently needed medical supplies for the ambulance fleet and stations.

One representative from many tri-state area neighborhoods will send this letter out to all the young singles/ couples in their area. We are asking you to send a check made out to the Magen David Adom for $36 (please feel free to send more than that if you can!) to the address listed below. We will hand deliver all the money to their New York office by May 5th. Of course you can send the money to them directly but we would appreciate sending it through us so we can have a full account of the money raised by this mini-campaign. Please send all checks no later than April 28th. Please know that 100% of your tax-deductible dollars will go this important organization.

I encourage you to call me after May 5th to find out how much money we raised. I also would ask that you try to get as many of your friends involved as well.

Thank you for your help and feel free to call with any questions or concerns

[Name removed]

Please send the checks payable to Magen David Adom to:

American Red Magen David for Israel
888 Seventh Avenue
New York NY 10106
212 757 1627

For more information on Magen David Adom:
Toll-free number 1-866-583-8539


Magen David Adom UK,
Pearl House
746 Finchley Road
London NW11 7TH
Tel: 020 8381 4849
Fax: 020 8381 4898
Registered Charity No.210770

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