Suicide-bomber Internet game awards points for killing

May 04, 2002

I attach news about a revolting "game" from which claims on its website that it is "fun".

-- Tom Gross


Suicide-bomber Internet game gives points for killing
By Harry L. Rubenstein
May 2, 2002

Does the bloody "Kaboom" suicide-bomber Web game cross the line?

The game allows the player to control a suicide bomber as he runs up and down a crowded street. Upon clicking the mouse, the bomber opens his explosives-stuffed jacket and detonates, killing or graphically wounding those in his immediate radius.

Blood and body parts spills out across the sidewalk and points are awarded to the player according to how many people the suicide bomber kills or wounds.

The designer of the game, known only as "Fabulous999," commented on the negative publicity the game has received.

In a statement posted on the Web site, he explains that, although he condemns suicide bombings, "I should have probably waited a bit to release the demo, I knew it would send the wrong message. But I am not sorry for the game, it's a fun game, and that's all it is, a game, nothing more. The game isn't meant to praise suicide bombers, if anything it's going to make it look evil, which I will try to make painfully clear in the finished version."

Users of the game have left mixed reactions on the Web site message board. Many users cited freedom of speech, while some asked why this game is socially acceptable, but a simulation game of a plane crashing into a skyscraper is not.

The game's Web site,, hosts a plethora of animations and games. Other games include "Punch Out Osama Bin Laden," "Make Your Own Britney Spears," and "Taliban Women Revolt."

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