“EU cash funded suicide bombers”

May 07, 2002


1. Syrian, European money goes to fund Palestinian terrorism
2. "EU cash 'funded' suicide bombers" (Times of London, May 6, 2002)
3. Minister Naveh presents EU envoy with proof that PA used EU funds to finance terror
4. "Martyrdom Day Celebrated" (SANA [Official Syrian News Agency], May 6, 2002)
5. "Jordan foils attempt to smuggle arms to Palestinian territories" (AP, May 6, 2002)


[Note by Tom Gross]

I enclose three articles, published before yesterday's terror attack in Rishon Lezion which killed at least 16 Israeli women and men and injured over 60.

(1) A report from the Times of London on accusations that money donated by the European Union is being used by Yasser Arafat to finance terror attacks. The EU is the biggest single donor to Arafat, and even now continues to give Arafat millions of European tax-payers' money each month.

(2) A report from SANA (the official Syrian News Agency). At a luncheon in Damascus in honor of "Martyrdom Day," President Assad announced he was doubling the "salaries" of the "family members" of Palestinian murderers.

(3) An Associated Press report, as carried in the San Francisco Chronicle, headlined "Jordan foils attempt to smuggle arms to Palestinian territories". I attach this to show that at least one Arab state is trying to prevent terror attacks against Israel, and how others could do so if they wished.

-- Tom Gross



"EU cash 'funded' suicide bombers"
By Ian Cobain in Jerusalem
(London) Times
May 6, 2002

The Israeli Government has accused Yassir Arafat of using aid from the European Union to finance terrorist attacks.

As pressure increased steadily on the Israelis to negotiate with Mr. Arafat, officials maintained that documents seized during last month's military raids across the West Bank provided "damning evidence" that European Union money was indirectly funding suicide-bombing missions.

The European Union provides ten million euros (6.25 million) each month towards the salaries of staff at Mr Arafat's Palestinian Authority.

Much of that money comes from British taxpayers. According to the Israeli authorities, "vast sums" have been covertly channelled from the monthly EU grants to Fatah gunmen and members of the al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades.

"What is happening here isn't the fault of the Europeans," said Dani Naveh, Minister for Parliamentary Affairs in the Israeli Cabinet.

"But it is the way the Palestinians have decided to use EU money for terror. There are hundreds of terrorists who get their monthly salaries from the Palestinian Authority and, indirectly, from the European Union."

The Israeli Government says that papers seized during its West Bank operation also demonstrate that Mr Arafat "was personally involved in the planning and execution" of terrorism.

The allegations are among a series of claims made by the Israelis in a dossier based on captured Palestinian documents that was published by the Israeli Government yesterday.

A row between the Israeli authorities and the European Union has been simmering for more than a year. The EU is now the biggest single donor to the Palestinans, and members of Mr Sharon's Government say that millions of euros which have flooded into the West Bank and the Gaza Strip are being used in part to finance attacks on Israeli civilians.



Minister Naveh presents EU envoy Moratinos with proof that Palestinian Authority used EU funds to finance terror
Press Release
From: The Israel Government Press Office
May 7, 2002

Minister Danny Naveh met today (Tuesday), 7.5.2002, with European Union envoy Miguel Angel Moratinos and presented the report regarding Palestinian Authority Chairman Yasser Arafat's involvement in terror, as well as new findings that prove that the PA used EU aid funds for terror activities. These documents reveal the way in which the PA used Europe funds to finance the salaries of hundreds of Fatah terrorists.

Minister Naveh called on the EU to take action to prevent the use of Europe funds for terror and the murder of Israelis. He added that Europe representatives may study all the original documents in Israeli hands.



Martyrdom Day Celebrated President Assad doubles salaries of daughters and sons of Palestinian martyrs as Syria celebrates Martyrdom Day
SANA (Official Syrian News Agency)
May 6, 2002


President Bashar Assad lauded highly Monday the heroic operations of the Palestinian resistance men against the Israeli occupation, which shook the Israeli occupation and the sacrifices of the Syrian forces in the battles waged in defense of the homeland and the nation.

In a meeting with the sons and daughters of the Syrian Martyrs here today, President Assad recalled late President Hafez Assad's special attention and care attended for the martyrs family members and issued orders as to double the salaries of the daughters and sons of martyrs in all their educational and academic years.

"One the Palestinian decided to be a martyr in Jenin, the Israeli troops waited for 9 days till they were able to enter this tiny camp after they killed the civilians there and destroyed their houses over their heads," the President noted.

Other words delivered at the luncheon in honor of the martyrs sons and daughters, spoke of the sublime and noble meanings of martyrdom in defense of the homeland and Arabs' just causes.

President Assad earlier in the day laid a wreath of flowers on the Unknown Soldier Monument on the blessed occasion of Syrian Martyrs Day.

Syrian Armed Forces and all Syria's 14 Governorates celebrated this occasion today with a pledge to continue the march of struggle under the leadership of President Assad till the liberation of the occupied Arab territories.

The speakers blasted the ongoing Israeli aggressions and massacres against Palestinians and criticized the US blind support to Israel.



"Jordan foils attempt to smuggle arms to Palestinian territories"
By Jamal Halaby
The Associated Press
San Francisco Chronicle
May 6, 2002

Jordanian authorities arrested four men on suspicion of trying to smuggle Soviet-made arms to the Palestinians, officials said Monday.

The four all Jordanians of Palestinian origin in their 20s and 30s were arrested in possession of Soviet-made rockets, launchers and machine guns at Jordan's Red Sea resort of Aqaba, 210 miles south of Amman, the officials told The Associated Press on condition of anonymity.

The men were allegedly trying to smuggle the weapons by sea to Egypt, apparently for storage and later delivery to the Palestinian territories, the officials said. The men were believed to be arms dealers with no links to any particular group, the officials said.

They declined to provide other details.

The Gulf of Aqaba, a popular tourist resort, is shared by Jordan, Egypt, Israel and Saudi Arabia. Jordan has often been used as a transit point for smuggling arms and drugs.

Officials say arms smuggling has increased since the latest Palestinian-Israeli conflict erupted in September 2000, with at least two attempts foiled last year.

Last week, a Jordanian military court convicted four Palestinian Authority members on weapons and explosives charges and sentenced them to up to 15 years in prison. In a separate case, an Iraqi was convicted on the same charges and sentenced to 71/2 years in prison.

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