Jerry Seinfeld planning solidarity visit to Israel

June 06, 2002


Jerry Seinfeld planning solidarity visit to Israel
By Haim Handwerker
June 6, 2002

Jerry Seinfeld, creator and lead actor in the eponymous television series, is planning a solidarity visit to Israel, where he will give a one-off performance.

Seinfeld's planned visit had been kept a closely-guarded secret, but just a few days ago, Larry Miller, Seinfeld's warm-up act in his live stage shows, revealed that the star plans to come to Israel as part of an interview program for the Home Box Office (HBO) cable television company. Miller is also expected to travel to Israel.

Seinfeld was last in Israel in 1970. After the huge success of his sitcom in Israel and worldwide efforts were made to bring the comedian back to Israel, but without success. Now, however, Seinfeld has decided the time is right to visit Israel, given the current security situation.

A source close to the Jewish-American star yesterday confirmed the planned visit. No date has yet been set for the visit, but it may take place within the next month. During his visit to Israel, Seinfeld is expected to perform in Tel Aviv.

Tom Gross adds in December 2002: In the end, Seinfeld never made the visit.

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