Remembering Shiri, a particularly moving website

July 25, 2002


[Note by Tom Gross]

Since the Palestinians launched their War of Independence / War for the Destruction of Israel (depending on your point of view) in September 2000, many innocent Palestinians and Israelis have been killed. I am reluctant to send out too many emails focusing on the victims, as your emails boxes would become inundated.

However, the family of 21-year-old Shiri Negari, who was blown up in a commuter bus by a Palestinian suicide bomber on June 18, 2002 along with 19 other Israelis, have put together a particularly comprehensive and moving web site about her life.

The site describes her life, her poetry, her singing ("shir", the root of her name, means "song" in Hebrew), her school trip to Auschwitz and her recent trip to South America. She was due to start an undergraduate degree at Israel's prestigious Hebrew university in October.

(For those of you on my email list in South America, the site is also available in Spanish and Portuguese, as well as in English and Hebrew.)

[Tom Gross adds, in Nov. 2005: The Shiri website continues to be updated until today, for those of you who would like to look at it.]

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