Speaking out against Sharia-backed sexual abuse of women and children

April 06, 2006

[Note by Tom Gross]


Following on from the recent Wafa Sultan video, I attach another video clip, this time of a brave Bahraini woman, Ghada Jamshir, strongly denouncing Islamic fatwas authorizing the sexual abuse of children. Jamshir speaks on Al-Arabiya TV, the all-news channel that is based in Dubai and competes with Qatar-based Al-Jazeera TV.

You can watch this remarkable video here.

For those who still haven’t seen the Wafa Sultan video, please see “How Iran duped the west”; Iranian Holocaust (denial) conference “begins today,” March 7, 2006.


With increasingly open and democrat discussion in some parts of the Arab world, spurred on by the policies of the United States government, more and more Arab reformers are at considerable personal risk speaking out against the abuses of Islam and Arab dictatorship.

My sources in the Gulf tell me that the Bahraini government had previously put Jamshir on trial even before this new interview. For more on this in English, see here.

According to Wikipedia, Ghada Jamshir is a Bahraini Women’s Rights Activist. She heads a women’s committee lobbying for a law that would shift jurisdiction over family and women’s affairs from Islamic Sharia court to civil courts.


Both the Sultan and Jamshir video clips were translated by The Middle East Media Research Institute (Memri). Memri should be commended for its important work in helping to promote democracy and freedom in the Middle East, especially in light of the constant personal vitriol poured on the Israeli citizens who help run Memri by elements of the leftist European media. See, for example, The Guardian attacks Memri (August 13, 2002).

There is occasional reporting when Muslim victims of Muslim violence are Israeli for example, the Israeli police today arrested an Israeli Arab doctor who murdered his teenage sister (using drugs he took from the hospital) in the name of family honor. But there is next to no reporting by the western media about tens of thousands of incidents of abuse across the Middle East and beyond.

These videos highlight the kind of abuse of children, women and others that is so widespread in the Muslim world and that major western news organizations, so obsessed with maligning Israel and the United States, shamefully fail to properly report on.

-- Tom Gross

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