At least 8 killed in rocket attack on Haifa; Over 100 Iranian agents in Lebanon aiding Hizbullah

July 16, 2006


[Note by Tom Gross]

* There will be a fuller dispatch on the Middle East crisis tomorrow. I attach below a short dispatch now, at Sunday lunchtime (Israel and Lebanon time), because various online international media have still failed to report properly on the attack on Haifa almost four hours after it occurred

* At least eight killed, and dozens wounded as Hizbullah rockets fired from Lebanon hit train depot in Haifa this morning

* The rescue of the injured was delayed after Katyushas rained down on vehicles in Haifa making it impossible for rescue services to reach Rambam hospital with the injured

* Over 24 Israelis now killed by Hizbullah in recent days. BBC and other main news agencies continue to fail to state this, only reporting prominently on Lebanese deaths

* Patriot missiles deployed in Haifa failed to stop incoming rockets

* Rocket barrage also fired at Nahariya, Kiryat Bialik, Akko, and Rosh Hanikra this morning

* Iranian revolutionary guards in Lebanon helped Hizbullah fire the missile that almost destroyed an Israeli warship on Friday night

* The missile was an Iranian-made, radar-guided C-102

* Over 100 Iranians in Lebanon guiding Hizbullah

* It should be emphasized in the media (and it is not) that Israel is trying to do everything to avoid civilian casualties in both Lebanon and Gaza despite the fact both Hamas and Hizbullah are deliberately using civilian areas and private houses to fire rockets into Israel. By contrast Hamas and Hizbullah are trying to murder Israeli civilians

* Israel’s Channel Two television, citing Lebanese sources, reported today that Hizbullah leader Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah was injured overnight after Israel bombed a building concealing his command bunker. Hizbullah has issued a denial but there was no immediate statement broadcast by Nasrallah

* Leader of Druze in Lebanon says Israel’s war is with Iran, not Lebanon

* In first-time move, Saudi government criticizes Hizbullah for starting crisis

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