November 02, 2006


[Note by Tom Gross]

While this email list is over seven years old, this month marks the first anniversary of its official launch as a website. During the past year this website has been recommended to their readers and viewers by, among others, Time magazine and Fox News in the U.S., the National Post in Canada, the Daily Telegraph and the Independent in Britain (yes, the paper of which Robert Fisk is Chief Middle East correspondent), and by Ha’aretz, Ma’ariv and the Jerusalem Post in Israel. Media in France, Germany, Scandinavia, Australia, South America and elsewhere have also recommended the site.

I now intend to add some new material to the site, so during the next couple of weeks there will be no new dispatches. Some pages have already been updated: for example, see the photos and text at the bottom of the “Exodus from Gaza” page.


While this list and site are mainly for media professionals, an increasing number of policymakers, academics and students have asked me for a back-catalog of dispatches to use as a resource in their research. So for those of you who want to read them, many of the older dispatches from this email list have now been posted here.

I hope that the dispatches in addition to being a day-to-day commentary of the way in which the media covers the Middle East and related affairs will also provide a valuable database now and in the future for those working in the media, public relations, government and diplomacy.

For those of you who want to know the background to this list and site, and the reasons for starting them, please click here.

-- Tom Gross

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