So busy attacking Israel, they forgot about these beheadings

November 21, 2006


1. War on what?
2. War on Want: Upcoming events
3. Pakistani school teacher beheaded
4. Rape victim sentenced to 90 lashes in Saudi Arabia
5. Indonesia sets free Bali bomb terrorists
6. Liberal-left media ignore tortured Bangladeshi journalist
7. Beheaded Christian schoolgirls were “Ramadan trophies”
8. Islamic leader urges a “Greater Somalia”
9. UN: Somalis helped Hizbullah attack Israel
10. BBC supports Somali wing of the Islamic jihad
11. BBC Somalia decides not to report on massacre
12. Azerbaijani paper: “Islam is blocking humanity’s development”
13. And the genocide goes on
14. “Sudanese army, militia reportedly raid villages in North Darfur” (AP, Nov. 20, 2006)
15. “Misery deepens as Janjawid infiltrate refugee camps” (The Times, Nov. 17, 2006)

[Note by Tom Gross]

As a follow-up to last week’s dispatch titled Al-Jazeera launches in English today, using an Israeli satellite provider (Nov. 15, 2006) for those interested, the first six minutes broadcast on the new channel can be seen here.



This is the first of three dispatches this week highlighting recent news items about radical Islam which have been underreported, or not reported at all, in the mainstream media. Today’s dispatch concerns radical Islam in Africa and Asia, and tomorrow’s concerns radical Islam in Europe and North America. A third dispatch will highlight a very important new TV documentary about radical Islam.

I send these items as a counterbalance to the incessant anti-Israeli propaganda being broadcast in mainstream western media. For example, the main headlines this morning on BBC world service radio spoke first of “the indiscriminate and disproportionate attacks on civilians by Israel in Lebanon” (perhaps the BBC hasn’t noticed that the conflict ended months ago and that the indiscriminate attacks were made on Israelis not by them) and the next news item was about supposed Israeli “crimes” in Gaza. No mention, of course, of the dozens of rockets falling daily into Israel from Gaza; this morning’s rockets again seriously injured Israelis in Sderot.

It is not only western media that seems to think there is no other news in the world other than to attack Israel and America. So do NGOs. Here, for example, is the mass email sent out yesterday by War on Want, a major British charity with considerable funding which it is meant to use to fight poverty. To judge from their “Upcoming Events” it seems the source of global poverty and hardship are those evil Israeli Jews.



From: “WaronWant”
To: “Friends (Friends)”
Sent: Monday, November 20, 2006 6:15 PM
Subject: War on Want: Upcoming Events

We thought you might like to get involved in the following upcoming events that War on Want will be participating in. Be sure to visit War on Want’s website regularly to stay on top of all our activities.


Mike Baunton CBE, the Vice President of Caterpillar will attend a function organised by the Institute of Mechanical Engineers at the Grosvenor House Hotel in Park Lane (Marble Arch/Bond Street tube, see map) London on 22 November.

Meet at 17.30 at the Park Lane entrance to the Grosvenor House Hotel.

For further details on the protest and to find learn more about Caterpillar’s complicity in crimes against the Palestinian People go to


Join campaigners on the UN International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People as they lobby Parliament on behalf of Palestine.

To lobby your MP, contact your MP as soon as possible and arrange a meeting with them on Wednesday 29 November. If you don’t know who your MP is, go to or phone 020 7219 3000. Briefly explain to your MP what you would like to speak to them about.

The lobby will focus on the following issues:

• Stop Starving the Palestinians - Stop Arming Israel
• Restore Aid to the Palestinian Authority
• Release Palestinian Parliamentarians
• Respect Palestinian Democracy

Meet up in briefing room W1 from 3 to 6pm at the House of Commons, London SW1. The lobby of Parliament will be followed by a meeting in Committee room 12 at 7pm.

For more information on the lobby go to


Come to the launch of the Stop Arming Israel Campaign, featuring speakers Jeff Halper (Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions), Husam Zomlot (Palestinian National Delegation), and others.

The event starts at 6.30 at Room U8, Tower One, London School of Economics, Houghton Street, London WC2 and is hosted by LSESU Palestine Society supported by War on Want, Palestine Solidarity Campaign, Campaign Against Arms Trade.

To learn more about the Stop Arming Israel coalition go here

12.00 - 7.00 pm FRIDAY 1 DECEMBER
11.00 am - 5.00 pm SATURDAY 2 DECEMBER

And finally, be sure to drop by London’s liveliest and best-loved trade fair as it celebrates its 20th anniversary.

This two day festival has live world music, surprise guests, over 50 stalls run by ethical traders and charities featuring Womad’s Madras Café, arts, crafts, clothes, cards, books, toys, creche (Saturday only), with disabled access.

This year’s fair will be at the Camden Centre, Bidborough Street, London WC1. Download the flier to find out more -

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Tom Gross writes:

And here is what War on Want, the BBC, and many others, ignore:


A school teacher in Pakistan was beheaded last Sunday by Islamic terrorists. Maulana Hashim Khan’s decapitated body was found along with a note that claimed that Khan and Maulana Salahuddin, a cleric also murdered last month, might have been spying for America.

The note proclaimed “for this reason, we punished him under Islamic laws.” Both Khan and Salahuddin were teachers at an Islamic seminary located near the Afghan border. Scores of others have been “executed according to Islamic justice” in recent years in Waziristan after they were accused of being informants. (This story was covered by the Associated Press wires but few newspapers mentioned it.)


A Saudi court has sentenced the victim of a gang rape to 90 lashes of the whip because she was alone in a car with a man to whom she was not married at the time she was raped. The male friend of the rape victim was also sentenced to 90 lashes for being alone with her in the car. The four Saudis convicted of rape were sentenced to prison terms. A fifth man who watched while he filmed the rape on his mobile phone still faces investigation. (This story was reported by the German news agency DPA).

In another case in Saudi Arabia, a woman has been punished for driving a car. Women are banned from driving in Saudi Arabia. Her passport has also been temporarily suspended.


Almost 60 jailed Islamic extremists linked to atrocities such as the two Bali bombings and the attacks on the Australian Embassy and Marriott Hotel in Jakarta, have been set free, reports the Australian newspaper, the Herald Sun on November 17. They include 14 terrorists who have been quietly released in the past two months.

The latest releases, and that in June of Jemaah Islamiah’s spiritual leader Abu Bakar Bashir, have outraged families who lost loved ones in the 2002 and 2005 Bali terrorist strikes. Some survivors feared those set free could be plotting more terrorist attacks. In the 2002 Bali bombing alone, 202 people were murdered, including 88 Australians. Those responsible for the Indonesian Christmas Eve church bombings were also freed.

Dozens more had been arrested by Indonesian police, often with the help of Australian authorities, and held for just days or weeks before being freed, reports the newspaper. (This kind of tactic will be familiar to Israelis who throughout the 1990s saw Yasser Arafat free terrorists days after they had been arrested with Israeli help.)


Uddin Shoaib Choudhury, a Bangladeshi journalist, who said that Bangladesh should have peaceful relations with Jews, is currently on trial in the Bangladeshi capital of Dhaka on multiple counts of sedition, treason and blasphemy. Choudhury the former editor of “The Weekly Blitz” an English language newspaper published in Dhaka, angered authorities after he published articles saying Israel should be allowed to exist and after he criticized radical Islam.

Choudhury was arrested in November 2003, prior to boarding a flight to Israel. He was due to deliver an address on understanding between Muslims and Jews. His visit to Israel would have been the first by a Bangladeshi journalist.

He was kept in prison for seventeen months where he was tortured by the authorities and the Bangladeshi authorities, ruled by a coalition including two extremist Islamic parties, have pursued charges against him. Campaigners for him say they believe it is a foregone conclusion that he will be found guilty, and the penalty will be death by hanging.

No liberal-left media has covered this story. Virtually the only newspapers to cover it have been the Jerusalem Post, the New York Sun, the Wall Street Journal and the Australian, which a few days ago had an opinion piece on Choudhury, this can be read here. (The Chicago Tribune and the New York Times have mentioned the trial, but only very briefly.)


“The Australian” newspaper reports that an Indonesian court was told last week that the three Christian high school girls who were beheaded last October were killed as a Ramadan “trophy” by Indonesian terrorists who conceived the idea after a visit to Philippine Jihadists.

The Islamic ringleader decided that beheading Christians could qualify as “an act of Muslim charity,” the court was told.

The girls’ severed heads were dumped in plastic bags in their village in Indonesia’s strife-torn Central Sulawesi province, along with a handwritten note saying: “Wanted: 100 more Christian heads, teenaged or adult, male or female; blood shall be answered with blood, soul with soul, head with head.”

The bodies, still dressed in school uniform, were left by the roadside near the execution site.

The three men who are accused have been charged under Indonesia’s anti-terrorism law. To judge by the item above in this dispatch, even if convicted, they may soon be freed.


Sheik Hassan Dahir Aweys, chairman of the Council of Islamic Courts which now controls much of southern Somalia, told a radio station last weekend that he would work towards uniting ethnic Somali peoples to achieve a “Greater Islamic Somalia”. This would incorporate regions of both Kenya and Ethiopia, he said.

Aweys vowed to “leave no stone unturned to integrate our Somali brothers in Kenya and Ethiopia and restore their freedom to live with their ancestors in Somalia.”

This is the first time Aweys has spoken of expanding the influence of the Islamic courts outside Somalia since his group seized control of the capital, Mogadishu, in June and then consolidated its control over most of southern Somalia.


A recent UN report said that more than 700 Islamic militants from Somalia traveled to Lebanon in July to fight alongside Hizbullah. In return, according to the report, Iran and Syria sent weapons to the Islamic alliance aiming to seize full control of Somalia.

The 86-page UN report was issued by four experts monitoring violations of a 1992 United Nations arms embargo on Somalia, which was put in place after the country fell into civil war and remains in effect.

The report states that in mid-July, Aden Hashi Farah, a leader of the Somali Islamist alliance, personally selected about 720 combat-hardened fighters to travel to Lebanon in order to help Hizbullah launch attacks on Israel.

This report also claims that Iran sought to trade arms for uranium from Somalia to further its nuclear ambitions, though it does not say whether Iran succeeded.

The Somali “fighters” were paid a minimum of $2,000 for their services, the report says, and as much as $30,000 was to be given to the families of those killed, with money donated by “a number of supporting countries.”

The report also accuses Djibouti, Egypt, Libya and Saudi Arabia of supplying the Somali Islamists with arms, advisers and fighters.

(This story was covered by Reuters but few newspapers or TV stations mentioned it.)


Melanie Phillips writes: “The extent and implications of the BBC’s bias towards the enemies of western civilization is still not properly understood, even by many of those who are constantly appalled by what they hear in Britain from its domestic services. The lethal damage it may be doing in parts of the world where such an ideological bent turns it into an active supporter of tyranny is something else again.

On his website, Bill Roggio describes how the Islamic Courts Union is progressively spreading jihad through Somalia. But as he also notes, and according to this report, the BBC has been actively supporting this Somali wing of the Islamic jihad.

‘A motion against the BBC Somali Service radio was introduced in the Puntland Parliament on Monday in Garowe, the Puntland capital. Some 8 Puntland legislators introduced the bill to ban the BBC Somali Service from operating in Puntland regions. Sources said another 22 lawmakers supported the motion and a debate opened.

‘The Puntland MPs voted after the debate, with more than 35 lawmakers voting to have the BBC radio banned from operating inside Puntland. Lawmakers who proposed the motion accused the BBC Somali Service – the radio with the largest reach inside Somalia – of being partisan and pro-Islamic Courts, to the detriment of Puntland and other political factions.’

Why is the British taxpayer, who pays for the BBC World Service, expected to subsidize support for the jihad in Somalia?”


Separately, the democratic opposition in Somalia says it is shocked after the BBC Somali-language Service failed to report on the murder of men in their hospital beds by the Islamic Courts’ militia in southern Somalia. So far the BBC Somalia Service, the farthest-reaching Somali language and publicly funded radio, has not even mentioned these killings.

Under the headline “Why is BBC silent about Buale’s massacre?” SomaliNet wrote earlier this month: “The families of the victims have contacted the highest level of BBC Somalia. Whilst BBC Somalia claims to be impartial and accurate many have questioned why they remained silent over these murders now known as ‘Buale’s massacre.’”


Azerbaijani prosecutors have opened a criminal investigation into an Azerbaijani newspaper, after it published an article that said Islam was blocking humanity’s development. The article also argued that the Prophet Muhammad had created nothing but problems for Eastern countries.

The small-circulation newspaper “Senet” published an article this month that compared European and Muslim values and asserted that Islam was a sham religion that suffocated people, pulled them away from freedom, and hindered humanity’s development.

As of yet there have been no protests throughout the Muslim world against this newspaper.

(On a separate note, I would like to mention that in Azerbaijan, as in Turkey and Kazakhstan – unfairly the subject of “Borat’s” ridicules – there are many moderate secularist, and indeed pro-America and pro-Semitic Muslims.)


I attach two articles below about Sudan. These are rare examples of news organizations actually mentioning that the ongoing ethnic cleansing and massacres of black African non-Arabs in the Sudan, is being carried out on racial grounds by Arabs, a fact most of the anti-Israel and anti-U.S. European media strenuously try to avoid when they do occasionally report on this ongoing attempted genocide.

Two weeks ago, in an extremely unusual move, The Associated Press even mentioned in a headline that Arabs were the perpetrators (“Chad Says Arab Tribe Kills 128 Africans in Large-Scale Organized Attack,” The Associated Press, Tuesday, November 7, 2006; 5:34 PM). Of course, Western media never fail to mention that Israelis are the perpetrators in any story involving Israel. Or that settlers in the West Bank are Jewish.

-- Tom Gross



Sudanese army, militia reportedly raid villages in North Darfur
By Alfred De Montesquiou
Associated Press
November 20, 2006

A large force of Sudanese soldiers backed by allied Janjaweed militiamen is sweeping through North Darfur state, killing civilians and looting and burning villages in violation of a cease-fire agreement, international observers and rebels said Sunday.

At least four civilians were killed near the northern town of Birmaza on Sunday, said Youssouf Mussabal, a rebel leader in the area. About 200 fighters belonging to the Arab Janjaweed militia, riding camels, had moved into the zone, backed by mobile army units and the Sudanese air force, he said.

“The Janjaweed are still in the town. We’re worried for the population,” Mussabal said by telephone from North Darfur.

Another rebel commander from a separate faction said seven villages were looted and burned around Birmaza on Sunday. The commander, Jar al-Naby, said that the renewed government offensive began last week and that two civilians were killed in Friday raids.

Hundreds of heads of cattle have been taken to the Sudanese army headquarters in Mellit, he said by phone.

A senior U.N. official in North Darfur said international observers were receiving daily reports of raids and casualties throughout this vast semidesert pastureland north of the state capital of El Fasher.

“The campaign is ongoing, and we are being given very limited access to investigate or treat casualties,” the official said by phone from North Darfur. The official spoke on condition of anonymity because of the sensitivity of the issue.

The African Union peacekeeping force in Darfur said in a statement Saturday it had received reports that the Sudanese air force twice bombed Birmaza last week. The attacks took a “heavy toll on the civilian population,” the A.U. said.

The Sudanese military was not immediately available for comment Sunday. Last week, however, the army denied it was conducting an offensive in North Darfur.

As many as 450,000 people have been killed by disease and violence and 2.5 million displaced since fighting began three years ago, when rebels stemming from ethnic African tribes rose up against the Arab-led central government.



Misery deepens as Janjawid infiltrate the refugee camps
By Rob Crilly
The Times (of London)
November 17, 2006,,3-2457420,00.html

The residents of Abu Gerein aid camp counted 35 government lorries moving under the midday sun. Some were armed with heavy machine guns, others packed with soldiers. Behind them came horses carrying the feared Arab militias known as Janjawid.

Women and children scattered as the gunmen rode in. Kadija Abakr Abdelrahman ducked into her simple home in search of safety.

“There was a man, Arab, Janjawid,” she said, simply, six days later in the gloom of El Geneina hospital, holding Aasha, her three-year-old daughter on her hip.

He had demanded money, levelling his AK47 at the toddler. “I told him there was nothing, but he insisted, ‘I will shoot, I will shoot, I will shoot’,” she said, wiping a tear from her cheek.

He wasn’t bluffing. He shot Aasha in the neck twice. She will live. But by the end of the day 13 people had been killed in three waves of attacks on the camps around Sirba, in western Darfur. Another 18 lay injured and more than 200 homes had been burnt to the ground.

Three and a half years after the farming tribes of Darfur took up arms against an Arab-dominated regime in Khartoum, the killing continues.

Where once the camps of western Darfur offered a haven from government troops and their Janjawid allies, they now offer only anarchy and fear. A meagre force of 7,000 African Union troops has been unable to keep the peace or even secure the camps.

Residents say that the camps around El Geneina – the captial of western Darfur, about 30km (20 miles) from the border with Chad – are riddled with armed militias and bandits. The feared Arab Janjawid and their allies among the Chadian rebels roam the dusty paths between huts.

Where once women were raped if they left in search of water or firewood, they are now a target inside the supposed safety of the camps.

Jan Egeland, the United Nations under-secretary-general for humanitarian affairs, arrived in El Geneina yesterday to see for himself how conditions had changed. He spent the day meeting tribal leaders and representatives of the people herded into camps.

In Addis Abbaba, the Ethiopian capital, Kofi Annan, the UN Secretary-General, met African Union officials to discuss Darfur. Last night he said that Sudan had accepted in principle UN and African Union forces in Darfur, but had yet to agree on the number of troops to be deployed. Until now Sudan had rejected UN peacekeepers for Darfur.

Officials are considering a hybrid force of African and UN troops, or bolstering the AU force with logistical support, equipment and personnel.

But there is only one solution for the tens of thousands of people crammed into the miserable camps around El Geneina.

“Every time we meet with the UN officials we ask them to bring peacekeeping forces to the camps. But up to now they are not doing this,” Sheikh Abdullah Adam Abdullah, one of the local leaders, said.

“People are giving this responsibility to the African Union but they cannot protect themselves, so how can they protect others?” He painted a miserable picture of life inside Ardamata, one of the camps dotted with mango and neem trees just outside town.

Shootings and rapes have become more common as the number of gunmen roaming his camp had increased, he said. “We expect at any moment an attack on the camps because there are so many new armed men who aim to close all the camps and send us home,” he said.

More than 200,000 people have died during the conflict. A further two million have been driven into camps as a result of the Government’s scorched-earth policy, using Janjawid militias to kill, loot and burn their way across Darfur. Insecurity has increased further since May when a peace agreement was signed between the Government and one rebel faction.The remaining rebel groups have fragmented, leaving a complex patchwork of control, while the Government has employed Russian-built aircraft to bomb civilians in the north.

Mr Egeland saw the insecurity at first hand. He was prevented from visiting camps in western Darfur yesterday because of the risk of violence. His planned three-day visit was reduced to two by government restrictions on his itinerary.

Many refugees came to him with pleas for help. “We beg you to take us out of here to any other country, any other place,” al-Zein Eid Abdel Banaat, an elderly Darfuri, told Mr Egeland after trekking to El Geneina from the camp where he lives. “I plead with you for your help. We want our lives back.”

Mr Egeland said later: “This is my fourth visit here and I have not seen such a bad security situation. There are too many armed militias outside the camps and inside. Aid workers in western Darfur cannot move on the roads because their vehicles are being stolen and civilians are caught in the crossfire between the groups.”


Mar 2004: Outgoing UN co-ordinator in Sudan calls Darfur “worlds greatest humanitarian crisis”

Jul 2004: US Congress condemns what it terms state-sponsored genocide by the Sudanese Government’s proxy Janjawid militia

Sep 2004: US President George Bush repeats genocide claim

Jan 2005: UN report on Darfur concludes that while there were mass killings, there was no “genocidal intent”. A declaration of genocide would have forced nations to intervene

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