A remarkable documentary

November 23, 2006

[Note by Tom Gross]

This is the last in a series of three dispatches this week on militant Islam.


This documentary, screened on the American (but not so far on the international) version of CNN, has now been posted here on You Tube, and it is so important that I strongly recommend everyone to make time to watch it in full.

CNN host Glenn Beck criticizes the rest of the Western media, including by implication his own station CNN, for drastically failing to properly report on Islamic extremism.

Beck says he decided to show some of the remarkable footage the rest of the mainstream media refuses to show because “Islamic extremism is the biggest threat to our way of life since World War Two and we’ll never be able to fight it if we can’t even see it.”

His program contains many of the examples cited on this email list over the past seven years finally shown in a prominent way on a major TV network. It also includes important footage of the Iranian president. Several of those interviewed in the program are subscribers to this email list.

Even if you don’t have time to watch the full 41 minutes, I suggest you at least watch the opening. Some of the most gripping interviews and footage are to be found in the middle and the end of the program, including the children’s cartoons urging children to kill Jews.

We can wait in hope for European and other TV networks to rebroadcast this program.

-- Tom Gross


Note 1: You Tube are sometimes forced to remove material, and in case they do, Glenn Beck’s documentary can also be seen here in a Windows Media format.

Note 2: Those with time might also wish to watch this second documentary.

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