New Iraqi terror group named after Hamas (& Christiane Amanpour admits activism)

April 25, 2007


1. Coming out of the closet as political activists
2. Palestinian journalists launch a “Free Alan Johnston” web site
3. Ken Livingstone pleads for Johnston’s release on Arab TV, praises Johnston as “friend of the Palestinian cause”
4. UK doctors call for boycott of Israeli Medical Association
5. “Palestinians attend a demonstration against violence in Gaza, April 23, 2007”
6. There was a ceasefire?
7. Palestinian murder of children ignored by international media
8. New terrorist organization in Iraq named in honor of Hamas

[Note by Tom Gross]


Following the recent British National Union of Journalists’ decision, more and more “news reporters” are declaring themselves to be political activists.

Here, for example, is a letter to The Guardian yesterday signed by 20 CNN, BBC and other journalists, led by CNN’s Christiane Amanpour, the most overrated news reporter of our time:,,2064046,00.html

The Guardian
Tuesday April 24, 2007

The world needs a tough arms treaty

Ten years ago the treaty to ban landmines was signed in Ottawa, Canada. As journalists who have seen the devastating impact of conflict first-hand, we applauded the agreement.

Today a more ambitious treaty is being developed at the United Nations: a global arms trade treaty to regulate sales of all conventional arms. The challenge is to build a strong treaty to stop arms transfers that are likely to fuel serious human rights violations, conflict and poverty.

It is time that all governments took responsibility for the individual tragedies perpetrated with the weapons they supply: the woman raped at gunpoint, the young man crushed under the tracks of a battle tank, the child forced to become a soldier.

Currently, the UN secretary general is asking governments what they want the arms trade treaty to cover. We call on all governments to listen to the millions of people around the world who live in daily fear of armed violence, and build a treaty tough enough to protect them.

Christiane Amanpour CNN
Martin Bell ex-BBC correspondent
Sebastian Junger Vanity Fair
Jon Lee Anderson The New Yorker
Don McCullin freelance photographer
Paul Moreira Canal Plus
Jon Snow Channel 4 News
Charles Wheeler ex-BBC correspondent
and 12 others


Almost everyone (apart from the BBC itself who don’t want to admit their anti-Israeli bias, since as a publicly-funded entity they are under a British legal obligation to be impartial) recognizes that kidnapped BBC Gaza correspondent Alan Johnston, like many of those the BBC chooses to hire as news journalists, was a “friend of the Palestinians.”

Now Palestinian journalists have launched a “Free Alan Johnston” web site.

Among the comments on it from Palestinian journalists:

* Mohammad El Gomasy: “The Palestinian People love Alan Johnston.”

* Emad Al-Masri: “Free Alan! he is our friend.”

Of course, the BBC have yet to understand that coddling up to terrorists doesn’t buy you immunity when the terrorists have run out of other people to kidnap.

Thankfully, Johnston is almost certainly still alive despite reports that his kidnappers had executed him. Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas has told BBC Director-General Mark Thompson that an intermediary from the Palestinian security forces asked his kidnappers the name of Johnston’s cat to prove he had not been killed. They came back with the correct answer Mombasa.


London mayor Ken Livingstone appeared on the Arabic-language al-Hiwar TV station on Monday night to call for the release of Alan Johnston. Livingstone said the capture of the BBC journalist was a “catastrophic miscalculation”.

“If you wanted to find a person whose abduction could damage the Palestinian cause, you couldn’t find anyone better to do the job,” Livingstone said of Johnston.

For more on Livingstone, see London Mayor Ken Livingstone may be Jewish: “I could be a self-hater, couldn’t I?” (Nov. 30, 2005).


Given the incredible amount Israeli doctors and scientists have achieved for the world in the field of medicine, medical research and innovative life-saving techniques (including for the benefit of the Palestinians), the new call by some British doctors to boycott Israeli ones beggars belief.

This letter by Dr Derek Summerfield, Professor Colin Green, Dr Ghada Karmi, Dr David Halpin, Dr Pauline Cutting and 125 other doctors, published in The Guardian, is part of a new campaign to expel Israel from the World Medical Association. It is the second letter here. (There are so many lies crammed into it that it would take half my day to dissect them.)

This comment about British journalists by a columnist in the Washington Post yesterday can equally be applied to those British doctors:

“The British journalists, like the academics before them, dare to tread where an army of goons has gone before. If they do not recognize the ember of anti-Semitism still glowing within them, they ought to park themselves before a mirror and ask why, of all the nations, they single out Israel for reprimand and obloquy. This business of assigning to Jews a special burden, for seeing in them more of mankind’s bad qualities and less of its good, has a dark and ugly pedigree: the Chosen People, again and again in the wrong way.”


Much of what is wrong with the international media’s coverage of the Middle East stems from the two big news agencies, the Associated Press (AP) and Reuters. Almost every major news outlet in the world subscribes to one or both of these agencies and gets much of their information, photographs and video footage from them.

Both the Palestinian and non-Palestinian employees of these agencies have opinions that are heavily slanted against Israel and cloud their coverage.

Look, for example, at the caption Reuters gave to these photos by one of its Gaza photographers, Ibraheem Abu Mustafa.

The caption, “Palestinians attend a demonstration against violence in Gaza April 23, 2007,” was almost certainly written not by the Gaza photographer but by a Reuters employee at their main office dealing with the Mideast, which is in London. And that employee was likely a member of Britain’s 40,000 member National Union of Journalists, who finally went public with their view of Israel earlier this month.

As American blogger Charles Johnson, who has emerged as one of the most astute commentators in the post-9/11 era, observes: “And to supersize the irony, notice the Nike ‘Just Do It’ t-shirt.”


Meanwhile, virtually the entire world media yesterday reiterated the AP and Reuters lies that the Hamas-led Palestinian Authority had somehow been observing a truce with Israel.

For example, Reuters Gaza correspondent Nidal al-Mughrabi started his piece: “Hamas’s armed wing broke a five-month ceasefire on Tuesday by firing rockets into Israel from the Gaza Strip.”

And the BBC story, headlined “Hamas fighters end Israel truce,” began: “The armed wing of the Palestinian Hamas movement has said it is ending its five-month truce with Israel. Earlier in the day the group launched a sustained barrage of rockets and mortars into Israel, the first such attack since November.” points out that while the western media insist that the Palestinians have maintained a “cease-fire” against Israel for the past five months, the following incidents have taken place so far this month alone:

* Islamic Jihad terrorist captured near Tel Aviv after his bomb belt fails to detonate
* Palestinian bride arrested on suspicion of planning to carry out suicide bombing
* 3 Israelis injured in shooting attack near Modi’in
* Hamas calls for further kidnappings of Israeli soldiers
* Israeli cars shot at in West Bank
* Israeli civilian wounded in West Bank drive-by shooting
* Arrests prevent huge Hamas-planned car bomb in Tel Aviv
* Egypt arrests would-be Hamas suicide bomber near Israeli border
* Palestinian rockets hit Sderot home; several Israelis treated for shock

This website has been meticulous in documenting the ongoing rocket attacks into Israel during the supposed ceasefire.

Britain’s Sky News claimed in their headline this morning that “Hamas broke the ceasefire by firing rockets at Israeli settlements.” But the rockets were not fired at settlements, but at towns in southern Israel. For the benefit of Sky viewers, all Israeli settlements in Gaza have been removed.

For more on Reuters, see here.


At the same time, the media continue to ignore the ongoing violence inside Gaza, since Israel could not be blamed for it.

For example, on Monday night a 12-year-old Palestinian boy was killed as Palestinian gunmen traded fire with each other.

Also on Monday, in a separate incident, a 5-year-old girl suffered serious head wounds when she was hit by another stray bullet.

Also on Monday, in central Gaza, masked gunmen shot a pharmacist and his son, wounding them.

Three Palestinians were hurt in an explosion Monday at a Hamas terrorist’s home, near the Gaza beach. The explosion was triggered by the mishandling of explosives inside the home. Three of the man’s fingers were severed as a result of the misuse of explosives, notes the Palestinian-run Maan news agency:

On Sunday night, another Palestinian boy was shot dead by his abductors in the northern Gaza Strip:


A new terrorist organization in Iraq has been named in honor of Hamas.

This Wikipedia entry mentions it, although it is not 100 percent accurate.

According to specialist sources researched exclusively for this website. Hamas of Iraq was in fact founded on March 26, 2007, to mark four years of “American occupation”:

Their “military wing” provides information on its attacks and its philosophy here ( and promises more clips and videos soon, such as an interview with the head of their “missile section”.

It is unclear from their statements whether they have any organizational contacts with Palestinian Hamas. Nevertheless they seem to adopt Hamas’s strategy and speak in admiration of Hamas’s “success” through terrorism.

-- Tom Gross

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