PFLP chief: “Arafat died of AIDS” (& suicide bomb making factory in Syria)

July 12, 2007


1. “The war on Britain’s Jews?” now on YouTube
2. Anti-Semites on British left attack program’s presenter
3. PFLP chief: “Arafat died of AIDS”
4. 200 suicide bomb vests captured in truck from Syria
5. Israeli peace activists hang Syrian flags by the Knesset
6. Israeli websites close down to mark year since IDF soldiers abducted
7. Arab League envoys postpone Israel visit
8. Last refugees start fleeing Lebanon battle camp
9. Leader of group holding Red Mosque killed by Pakistani forces
10. Israel allows fruit, vegetables into Gaza
11. Palestinian “collaborator” brutally tortured in Hamas prison

[Note by Tom Gross]


The Richard Littlejohn program titled “The War On Britain’s Jews?,” which aired on British TV on Monday night and was featured in Monday’s dispatch, can now be seen online in six parts.

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6

Due to the nature of YouTube, these links may be taken down in the coming days. If you intend to watch it I would advise watching it as soon as possible.

To remind readers, the BBC shelved this program when they heard it would focus on British anti-Semitism, and it was instead shown on Channel 4.


While some mainstream reviewers in the British media welcomed Littlejohn’s program, some on the left were extremely nasty about it. No doubt they felt uncomfortable having their anti-Semitism pointed out to them and tried to change the subject. One reviewer in the Guardian for example, started talking about “Israel’s war crimes against the Palestinians” an interesting remark given the fact he was meant to be writing about British anti-Semitism and called the subject of anti-Semitism “tedious”.

On British radio, George Galloway, MP dismissed the program by saying: “Richard Littlejohn is a driveling guttersnipe who long ago fell out of the gutter into the sewer. This man is a moron.”

As Littlejohn (a leading British journalist, and a long-time subscriber to this email list) is finding out, when non-Jews condemn anti-Semitism, they can themselves become the target of anti-Semites.

One of the problems is that the mainstream media just don’t report many anti-Semitic attacks in the UK, which are only mentioned in the Jewish media. For example, a British ultra-orthodox Jew was thrown into a river in north London by a gang making anti-Semitic remarks two weeks ago. They smashed his glasses on the ground before doing so, so that he wouldn’t be able to see clearly once in the water. He was rescued by a couple that walked past shortly after.

Still, anti-Semitism in Britain remains below that of other countries. For example, in Ukraine yesterday, there were three anti-Semitic attacks in a single day. No serious injuries were sustained.

* The latest prominent international personalities to sign a petition condemning the proposed British academic boycott of Israel are the Dalai Lama and Mikhail Gorbachev.

* The U.S. House of Representatives yesterday passed a resolution criticizing the proposed British academic boycott of Israel. Rep. Patrick Murphy (D- Pennsylvania) is the resolution’s prime sponsor.


Ahmad Jibril, Secretary-General of the PFLP General Command, told Lebanon’s Al-Manar TV on July 5, 2007 that Yasser Arafat died of AIDS.

“To be honest, the French gave us the medical report that stated that the cause of Abu Ammar’s death was AIDS,” Jibril said. (Arafat’s nomme de guerre was Abu Ammar.)

Click here for more on Arafat.


Somewhere in Syria, there’s a factory mass-producing suicide bomb vests.

The Associated Press reports that Iraqi Interior Ministry spokesman Maj. Gen. Abdul-Karim Khalaf confirmed that 200 explosive belts were captured in a truck crossing into Iraq from Syria yesterday. There is no doubt they were designed to murder as many ordinary Iraqis as possible.

Today marks the first anniversary of Hizbullah’s attack on Israel that triggered last summer’s Hizbullah-Israel war.

We know that Syria is also resupplying weapons (some originating in Iran) to Hizbullah as fast at it can so they can once again be aimed at civilians throughout northern Israel.


Activists from Israel’s “Peace Now” group hung dozens of Syrian and Israeli flags across the entrance of western Jerusalem on Tuesday from the Jerusalem-Tel Aviv road to the Knesset (Parliament) building. The demonstration was part of a campaign to pressure Prime Minister Ehud Olmert’s government to open talks with the Assad dictatorship in Syria.

Organizers said that they would also hold a rally today in Kiryat Shmona in northern Israel to mark one year since the start of the Hizbullah-Israel War and to call for political negotiations as the best way to ensure security for Israel’s northern towns, which were hardest hit by Hizbullah rockets during the 34-day war.

In related news, Olmert said in an interview with the Saudi-owned, Dubai-based al-Arabiya news channel that he has sent messages to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad asking him to restart the negotiations and that he is ready to meet him anywhere Assad chooses.


Israel’s major websites shut down for five minutes at 9.05 this morning, to mark the exact hour at which two Israel Defense Forces soldiers were kidnapped last year.

The homepage of each site was replaced with a message reading “This soldier cannot be found,” a play on the standard Internet error message “This page cannot be found.”

In London next Monday (at 6.30 pm), British Jews (noting the enormous coverage afforded the now released Alan Johnston and contrasting it with the almost complete lack of coverage about Israel’s kidnap victims) are planning to hold a demonstration outside the Syrian Embassy in Belgrave Square. Syria and Iran are the de facto controllers of Hamas and Hizbullah, the two kidnap organizations.

They are also protesting other Israelis missing and believe held by Syria or Iran including Ron Arad, Zachary Baumel, Yehuda Katz, Zvi Feldman, and Guy Hever whom they say “the international community have allowed to virtually disappear into oblivion. For their families, not knowing what happened to their loved ones is a daily nightmare.”

* In its annual report last week, the BBC acknowledged that they received more than 5,000 complaints from UK viewers objecting to their bias against Israel in their coverage of last year’s war, and complaining that the BBC had breached its legal obligation to report impartially. The BBC report admitted “we did not give our audiences enough information about Hizbullah and its aims.” This was the largest number of formal complaints about any single subject the BBC has ever received.


What would have been the first ever official visit to Israel by Arab League envoys has been postponed, Egyptian and Israeli officials said.

The foreign ministers of Egypt and Jordan had been scheduled to meet with Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert and other officials today. The visit may proceed later this month instead.

The Arab League has softened its hardline stance toward Israel in recent months in efforts to counter a growing Islamic fundamentalist threat in the Middle East, as represented by Iran and al-Qaeda.


The Lebanese army is moving in hard in what it says is its final assault on Islamic extremists holed up in a Palestinian refugee camp in north Lebanon. According to news reports from Lebanon this morning, between five and 10 shells were slamming into the camp every minute and heavy machine gun fire could be heard.

The differences between this and Israel’s 2002 operation in Jenin is that the Lebanese army are trying to kill as many people as possible, whereas in Jenin Israel tried to capture and disarm militants, the government of Lebanon is keeping CNN and others away from filming what is going on, CNN and other stations are not mentioning the lack of media access, and the Islamic extremists in the north Lebanon camp (unlike those in Jenin) are not responsible for murdering hundreds of men, women and children in dozens of suicide attacks.

Lebanese troops have been battling the radicals at Nahr al-Bared camp for nearly eight weeks now. Several thousand Palestinians remain trapped in the camp but the BBC and CNN don’t seem too interested in their fate.

Humanitarian organizations have been unable to deliver supplies into the camp since June 20, forcing remaining residents to scavenge for food and water in abandoned houses.

For more on Jenin, see here.


The Pakistani government says Abdul Rashid Ghazi, the leader of the group that took over Islamabad’s Red Mosque last Tuesday, was killed when Pakistani troops stormed the mosque. Pakistan says it has killed about 80 Islamic fighters there. The true number is believed to be higher. Many women and children are believed to have been trapped inside or held as hostages.

The western media’s coverage of this siege has been completely different to its highly sympathetic coverage of Islamic militants holed up in Bethlehem’s Church of The Nativity in 2002 and Israel didn’t storm the church and kill anyone. (Following European Union pressure, it allowed all the Palestinian militants to go free save for the 13 most wanted killers who were instead allowed to resettle in EU countries.)


Contrary to reports in some prominent western media, Israel is allowing supplies into Hamas-controlled Gaza. For example, yesterday the Israeli army delivered trucks carrying 300 tons of fruit and vegetables, including bananas, apricots, plums and avocados, into Gaza.

Meanwhile, Hamas continues firing rockets into southern Israel.

Also, in an ambush this morning, Hamas killed one Israeli soldier (a 21-year-old a dog-handler) and injured two others.

Egyptian officials said there is no chance that Fatah and Hamas will resume talks any time soon. On Tuesday Egypt deployed hundreds of reinforcements for its forces along its border with Gaza.

The European Union will donate a further 80 million euros ($110 million) in aid to the Palestinians, EU External Relations Commissioner Benita Ferrero-Waldner said yesterday. The European Union has already given the Palestinians hundreds of millions of euros in the last few months. The EU says it will try to ensure none reaches Hamas.


Khaled Abu Toameh reports today that “A Palestinian man detained by Islamic Jihad members in the Gaza Strip last week on suspicion of ‘collaboration’ with Israel has been found dead in a Hamas-controlled prison.”

According to an unnamed Palestinian journalist, the supposed “collaborator” Fadel Duhmush, was handed over to Hamas a few days after he was captured by Islamic Jihad. The journalist added that “I heard from people who saw the body that he had been brutally tortured in the Hamas prison.”

The body has been transferred to Shifa Hospital because the victim’s family refused to bury him out of fear for their lives.

-- Tom Gross

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