BBC children’s site removes offensive page on 9/11 attacks – at least for now

September 12, 2007


[Note by Tom Gross]

What a surprise. The BBC has, as predicted in my dispatch yesterday, today removed the page from their children’s website on the 9/11 attacks which had virtually amounted to al-Qaeda propaganda. (And they have this lunchtime, at 13:03 GMT, updated another of their pages on 9/11 to exclude all references to al-Qaeda or militant Islam.)

The dispatch (and my corresponding NRO item) was picked up yesterday by dozens of websites around the world, for example here at Andrew Sullivan, and here by Stephen Pollard at Britain’s Spectator magazine.

However, the BBC’s problems do not stop with one webpage on 9/11. Their entire foreign coverage is riddled with bias – particularly so against Israel and the U.S. The BBC – a lavishly funded public corporation – is by far the world’s largest broadcaster, with dozens of radio and television stations broadcasting in over 30 languages.

For more on the BBC’s mideast coverage, see here and here.

According to its charter, the BBC is under a British legal obligation to be “open minded, fair and show a respect for truth” in its news coverage.

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