Major Australian paper latest to attack UN for disseminating “lies” about Gaza

February 05, 2009

* Headline in yesterday’s The Australian: “UN disseminates lies and a willing media swallows them”

* Major Australian paper joins leading Canadian, Italian and German publications doubting the CNN/BBC/NY Times/Hamas/UN version of events

* Even France 2 (the TV station of al Dura fame) in a special report last night begins to doubt the Hamas/UN claims

* In a newly published report, UNRWA’s former chief lawyer James Lindsay admits that an UNRWA driver accused of carrying weapons in an ambulance, and a Gaza headmaster employed by UNRWA who was also an explosives experts for Islamic Jihad, may have been terrorists

[Below is a further dispatch about the recent conflict between Hamas and Israel. These items follow up the 11 previous dispatches on this subject since December 28. For background please read those other dispatches .]

[Please can I remind journalists that if they are using my exact words from these dispatches in their own pieces, please can they acknowledge that I wrote them.]



1. Video of Hamas throwing political opponents from Gaza rooftops
2. Palestinian Ma’an news agency names 181 Palestinians shot by Hamas last month
3. Major Australian paper attacks UN for its “lies” about Gaza
4. Where are the BBC and CNN? Where is the NY Times correction?
5. What the UN said: then & now
6. The EU should apologize to Israel, says leading Dutch politician
7. UNRWA’s senior lawyer admits UN may have hired terrorists
8. UN says Hamas seized Gaza food aid and blankets
9. New Gaza study finds “extreme anti-Israel bias” by NGOs
10. Even France 2 TV begins to doubt the Hamas/UN version of events
11. Wall Street Journal makes correction concerning UN truck incident
12. What ceasefire?
13. The list of 181 Palestinians shot by Hamas last month

[All notes below by Tom Gross]


Here is a 44-second film of Hamas throwing political opponents, with their hands bound and in some cases blindfolded, off Gaza rooftops. (Warning: it is disturbing viewing.)

The film was posted on the internet on February 3, 2009 but may date from a previous period. Hamas seized control of Gaza in 2007. It is not the same incident as when Hamas threw Fatah supporters from much taller, 16-story buildings, in Gaza in June 2007.


And I also attach this video since YouTube has banned it:

Hizbullah leader Nasrallah’s call to extinguish Israel (and presumably her people) made last month in Beirut.



Several times since December this website has reported that many of the Palestinian dead and injured in Gaza were Palestinians targeted by Hamas. Yet papers like The New York Times have carried misleading statistics suggesting that Israel killed or injured them.

Now the Palestinian-run Ma’an news agency has published three lists of names, totalling 181 Palestinians, shot by Hamas in Gaza since December 27, 2008. I attach the full list from Ma’an at the end of this dispatch.

The Ma’an news agency, which publishes in Arabic and English, is as close as the Palestinians have to an independent and objective news outlet.

This information has not been reported in prominent international media to my knowledge, even though Ma’an, which is based in Bethlehem and Gaza City, is a respected source.

Ma’an also runs nine local Palestinian TV and radio stations.

Ma’an Network TV stations: Al-Amal TV (Hebron), Amwaj TV (Ramallah), Bethlehem TV, Farah TV (Jenin), Nablus TV, Qalqilia TV, Al-Quds Educational TV (Ramallah), Al-Salam TV (Tulkarem), and Wattan TV (Ramallah).

Ma’an Network radio stations: Al-Balad Radio (Jenin), Amwaj Radio (Ramallah), Farah Radio (Jenin), Kul Al-Nas Radio (Tulkarem), Marah Radio (Hebron), Radio Mawwal (Bethlehem), Nablus FM, Nagham Radio (Qalqilia), and Al-Qamar Radio (Jericho).



Yesterday, the influential daily The Australian severely criticized the UN and specifically its UNRWA agency, for misleading the international media during the recent Gaza conflict by backing up Hamas claims about Israelis hitting schools and UN trucks – claims which have not stood up to scrutiny.

The headline of reporter Jason Koutsoukis’s story in yesterday’s Australian was: “UN disseminates lies and a willing media swallows them.”

The Australian is one of Australia’s leading newspapers.

This follows on from criticism of UNRWA’s misinformation in the leading Canadian paper The Globe and Mail, which was outlined in a dispatch on this list earlier this week. It also reinforces criticism by one of Italy’s most experienced war correspondents, working at one of Italy’s foremost newspapers, Corriere della Sera, who after a thorough investigation in Gaza concluded that the overall Palestinian death toll was less than half that claimed by The New York Times and other media. (See here.)

The respected German news magazine Der Spiegel and other news media have also disputed the anti-Israeli stories viewers have seen and heard on other news outlets.



Here are some headlines from recent days.

“United Nations disseminates lies and a willing media swallows them” – The Australian
“UN backtracks on claim that deadly IDF strike hit Gaza school” – Ha’aretz
“Account of Israeli attack doesn’t hold up to scrutiny” – Globe and Mail

But where are the major news broadcasters correcting their stories? Where is the contrition from CNN and BBC for their hundreds of hours of inflammatory anti-Israel coverage? Where are the corrections from The Times of London, which has run particularly vicious news items, with utterly untrue headlines such as “Israeli soldiers: we were told to fire on anything.”

Palestinian doctors and schoolteachers interviewed by German, Italian and Canadian media are giving reports that greatly contradict the sensational UN/Hamas claims.

For example, The Globe and Mail quotes a teacher in the school, as saying 12 people were wounded in the building and no one was killed.

Eyewitnesses say the Palestinians killed near the school appear to be victims of secondary explosions ignited when Israel fired back at Hamas rocket crews that had fired at them.

Yet today The New York Times website still has the headline: “Israeli Shells Kill 40 at Gaza U.N. School




John Ging, UNRWA’s operations director in Gaza, condemned the supposed targeting of a UN school as “horrific” and suggested Israel knew it was targeting a UN facility.

“We have provided the GPS co-ordinates of every single one of our locations,” he told the BBC on January 7. “They are clearly marked with UN insignia, flags flying, lights shining on the flags at night. It’s very clear that these are United Nations installations.”

In another interview, Ging said:

“We have established beyond any doubt that the school was not being used by any militants. They were innocent people. The reason they were in the school is because the Israelis had told them to go there. They were doing exactly as they had been told. To ensure there was no confusion about the school’s location, the UN had given specific GPS co-ordinates to Israeli commanders.”


This week however, after being told that investigations by The Globe and Mail and Corriere della Sera found that reports that Israel had hit a school didn’t hold up to scrutiny, Ging acknowledged that “no one was killed in the school.”

“Look at my statements. I never said anyone was killed in the school. Our officials never made any such allegation,” he said.


This is what was written on The New York Times’s daily news round-up which was emailed to myself and millions of others on January 8, 2009:


“There is no safe haven.”JOHN GING, chief of operations for the United Nations Relief and Works Agency, on the conflict in Gaza.


Maxwell Gaylord, the UN humanitarian coordinator in Jerusalem, also admitted to Ha’aretz on Monday that the IDF mortar shells did not hit the UNRWA school or its compound.


Tom Gross adds: War reporting is not easy. Journalists make mistakes, and so do UN and government officials. Yet what we see when Israel is concerned is something more than mere mistakes. In every conflict that has involved Israel, in Jenin in 2002, in southern Lebanon in 2006, in Gaza last month, there is a pattern of UN officials making outrageous and exaggerated claims of a kind they don’t make in any of the world’s 130 other ongoing conflicts. And there is a pattern of media in countries where many journalists are anti-Israel (and some are blatantly anti-Semitic) lapping up these exaggerations, even adding to them, as a way of beating up on Israel.

It is not a coincidence, as I pointed out previously, that anti-Semitic incidents should have risen particularly dramatically last month in countries like Britain, France, Greece and Scandinavia, where the media is most hostile to Israel.

For example, after the alleged school incident, The Independent (of London)’s columnist Yasmin Alibhai-Brown asked: “How many Palestinian Anne Franks did the Israelis murder?”

The headline of a news report in The Independent was: “Massacre of innocents as UN school is shelled.”

And in The Guardian, Ahdaf Soueif wrote that Israel was engaged in “a war of extermination.”



A prominent Member of the European Parliament (MEP), Paul van Buitenen, has submitted a parliamentary question, based on the dissemination of falsehood that UNRWA’s John Ging now admits.

Van Buitenen points out that the EU is UNRWA’s single largest donor and that it wrongly condemned Israel for attacking the UN school:

Van Buitenen asks:

Is the EU prepared to apologize to Israel for wrongly condemning it without checking the facts on the ground?

Is the EU prepared to investigate how it was possible that Mr. Ging apparently spread misleading information concerning the supposed attack on this UNRWA school and whether this was politically motivated?


Tom Gross adds:

Paul van Buitenen is a Member of the European Parliament for the Netherlands. He has a long record of exposing the corruption, fraud and lies of the EU.

His whistle blowing in December 1998 indirectly led to the resignation of the European Commission presided by Jacques Santer (the former prime minister of Luxembourg) and the fall of prominent European politician and former Prime Minister of France, Edith Cresson.

For this, van Buitenen was suspended, had his salary halved and faced disciplinary action. He fought on and the combination of his exposures with the public indignation at his treatment by the Commission triggered the collapse of Jacques Santer’s Commission. Among its members, Edith Cresson was particularly criticized.

Van Buitenen has been named “European of the Year” by Reader’s Digest magazine and the Australian Broadcasting Commission.



As I mentioned in a previous dispatch, UNRWA employs more than 24,000 staffers, 99% of whom are Palestinians.

In a newly published report, the former chief lawyer for UNRWA, James Lindsay, said the organization does little to check whether its staff are terrorists.

Lindsay writes:

“UNRWA has taken very few steps to detect and eliminate terrorists from the ranks of its staff or its beneficiaries, and no steps at all to prevent members of terrorist organizations such as Hamas from joining its staff.”

Lindsay cites many past examples of UNRWA staff being accused of helping terrorists, including a 2002 report I wrote about at the time on this website about an UNRWA driver accused of carrying weapons in an ambulance, and a Gaza headmaster employed by UNRWA who was also an explosives experts for Islamic Jihad. The headmaster was killed by Israeli forces last year.

“UNRWA has no preemployment security checks and does not monitor off-time behavior to ensure compliance with the organization’s anti-terrorist rules,” Lindsay wrote. “Evidence of area staff members who have had second jobs with Hamas or with other terrorist groups does occasionally come to light,” he added.

Why is Lindsay’s report getting front page treatment in the Israeli media but being ignored by media in Europe, North America and elsewhere?

See also the more recent item on this list “Hamas using UNRWA school buildings and hospitals as torture centers” in the dispatch of Jan. 22, 2009.



UNRWA is perhaps beginning to feel the pressure of international scrutiny. Yesterday, for the first time, UNRWA confirmed long-standing Israeli accusations that Hamas seizes international aid shipments in Gaza.

In a press release, UNRWA spokesman Christopher Gunness said Hamas police raided a UN warehouse in Gaza City on Tuesday evening and stole 3,500 blankets and more than 400 food parcels. The aid was due to be distributed to needy families in the area, he said.

Anti-Israel NGOs like Oxfam and Christian Aid have consistently said that Hamas does not seize aid, despite much evidence to the contrary over many years. Selling this aid helps Hamas to buy the arms that it uses to kill Israelis.



The leading watchdog, NGO Monitor yesterday released a comprehensive new report analyzing NGO coverage of the recent Gaza conflict. The report, titled “The NGO Front in the Gaza War,” documents over 500 statements by over 50 NGOs in the month covering the fighting and its immediate aftermath.

NGO Monitor says: “These statements are characterized by overwhelming condemnation of Israel, devoting minimal attention to Israeli human rights and casualties or to Hamas complicity in Palestinian casualties.”

NGO Monitor writes of “the consistent manipulation of international law by NGOs in their statements on Gaza. False accusations of Israel’s ‘illegal’ ‘collective punishment’ and ‘disproportionate response’ have been refuted by legal experts, yet were consistently employed by numerous groups including Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch. Oxfam even called for political action, declaring ‘The international community must not stand aside and allow Israeli leaders to commit massive and disproportionate violence against Gazan civilians in violation of international law’. These same groups were markedly hesitant to condemn the widespread and illegal use of human shields by Hamas.”

The report continues: “NGOs such as B’tselem, Palestinian Center for Human Rights (PCHR) and Oxfam published unverified ‘eyewitness’ evidence and unaccountable casualty figures throughout the conflict, which have since been refuted. These claims helped create an assumption of Israeli guilt and were repeated and amplified by the media, influencing the conflict itself.

“Human rights NGOs maintain a long-standing overwhelmingly hostile attitude towards Israel. This includes vilification of Israel over the Second Lebanon War, the Jenin ‘massacre’ and Gaza itself. In 2008 alone, NGOs issued over 300 statements in condemnation of Israel’s policy regarding Hamas-controlled Gaza. This contrasts with a handful of statements condemning the thousands of rockets fired on Israel from Gaza since the Disengagement in 2005.”


The full report can be read here.

(By way of disclosure, I should mention that I serve on NGO Monitor’s International Advisory Board. The other members of the board include Elie Wiesel, Prof. Alan Dershowitz, Sir Martin Gilbert, R. James Woolsey, Michael Gove MP, and Douglas Murray.)



Yesterday on its prime time evening news, France 2 TV ran a report in which it went back and investigated certain details about the recent Israeli operation in Gaza.

My French journalist contacts in Paris who subscribe to this email list tell me that this is unprecedented. They have never before seen France 2 or any French media go back and re-evaluate a report on the Arab-Israeli conflict.

(This “second look” was not reported by Charles Enderlin, the lead France 2 correspondent, infamous for his role in the Mohammed al Dura controversy.)

Among the items in yesterday evening’s broadcast:

* France 2 now says they have “discovered” that Hamas did in fact use human shields.
* France 2 reports that anyone who tells the truth about Hamas is in grave danger (in the France 2 report an ambulance crewman who let it be known that there were Hamas combatants in the hospital that was bombed is reprimanded by his handlers and ushered out).
* A lone man standing in a Gaza street staring straight into the camera says: “We are not free here. We cannot speak out.”
* Most of the faces of the Palestinians interviewed were obscured for their own protection.
* France 2 gave a long shot of a graveyard. “Many of the people buried here were not killed by the Israelis but by Hamas,” says one of the Palestinians interviewed.
* France 2 showed that a Hamas official deliberately lied about the number of people killed when a house was bombed.
* France 2 opened its report with a disclaimer: “We aren’t trying to minimize what the Israelis did, but...”


I noted in a dispatch last month that France 2 was forced to apologize to viewers after it used footage shot in 2005 of Palestinians which Hamas had killed to illustrate a report on the current Gaza conflict. Le Figaro newspaper pointed out that France 2 had wrongly claimed they were killed by Israel.



On January 12, The Wall Street Journal reported in its news section (by correspondent Charles Levinson) a claim by UNRWA that Israel fired on and killed a UN worker without pointing out that an Israeli investigation showed the driver had been killed by bullets fired by Palestinian gunmen.

In a correction, The Wall Street Journal has now acknowledged that it was wrong not to have let readers know that independent investigators did not concur with the UN spokesman’s allegations that the shots were fired by Israel.



Since the supposed Hamas ceasefire on January 18, over 30 rockets and mortars have now been fired at Israel, injuring several Israelis and killing one.

Last night Gaza militants fired a mortar shell at the western Negev. The day before a long-range Grad rocket was fired at the Israeli city of Ashkelon. It landed in the middle of a residential center, destroying several cars and half a commuter bus, and damaging a number of buildings. By sheer luck only one woman was injured since the bus was near empty. A number of other people suffered severe emotional trauma and were hospitalized.

Lebanese security forces also found five Katyusha rockets hidden on the Lebanese border close to Israel yesterday, a senior official from the UN Interim Force in Lebanon (UNIFIL) said. Rockets from Lebanon were fired into Israel on two occasions last month.

This morning, Thursday, February 5, an Israel Navy force intercepted, boarded, and took control of a cargo boat which was bearing the flag of Togo and was illegally attempting to enter the Gaza Strip. The boat, which sailed from the Tripoli port in Lebanon a few days ago, was believed to be carrying arms.

Among those on board was Hilarion Cappuci – a former Greek Catholic bishop who in 1974 was caught smuggling weapons bound for Palestinian terrorists in the trunk of his official church vehicle while entering Israel from Lebanon.

Israel says that if any humanitarian goods are found on the boat they will be transferred to Gaza.

[All notes above by Tom Gross]



February 2, 2008

Ramallah – Ma’an – A senior leader within Fatah slammed what he called “Hamas crimes against patriotic people” in the Gaza Strip Monday.

The comments come after a string of reports of human rights violations committed by Palestinians against Palestinians in the Gaza Strip during the Israeli war on Gaza.

The Undersecretary of the caretaker government’s Ministry of Prisoners Affairs Ziyad Abu Ein spoke out against the rights violations and accused Hamas of “terrorism,” and said they were preventing media outlets in Gaza report on their crimes.

“Our people badly need a free press capable of protecting the truth,” he said, noting that the truth was all that could counter the “terrorist procedures against patriotic Palestinians.”

Abu Ein also published a list of names and neighborhoods of those in Gaza who were killed, maimed, beaten or tortured during the Israeli war on Gaza.

He encouraged aid organizations inside Gaza to check the list and contact those who have given testimony and prove the truth of the list of 181 names. Abu Ein also called on the Arab League to send a fact-finding mission to Gaza and uncover the reality behind the shocking information.

Abu Ein said he held the current caretaker government responsible for initiating the proper legal procedures against those responsible for the crimes and anyone who gave the directives for murder or torture. These people must be brought to justice in front of Palestinians and the Arab world, he said.

The list provided from Abu Ein is as follows:

Names and locations of those executed by Palestinians :
the list includes jobs or affiliations as appropriate

1) Nasser Muhanna- Northern Gaza Strip
2) Hisham Najjar- Sheikh Radwan neighborhood (Gaza City)
3) Kifah Al-Masri- Khan Younis
4) Hasan Hijazi (National security services) - Northern Gaza Strip
5) Ahmad Shaqura- Khan Younis
6) Sahir As-Silawi- Rafah
7) Atif Abu Jazar- Rafah
8) Ibrahim ‘Atif Abu Jazar- Rafah
9) Ahmad Abu Shamla- Al-Maghazi
10) Osama Atallah- Ad-Daraj neighborhood (Gaza City)
11) Younis Abu Amrah- Gaza City

Names and locations of those shot in the feet or legs:

1) Wisam Abu Jalhoum- Jabalia
2) Tayseer Duheini- Nuseirat
3) Abdul-Hay Hassanein- Northern Gaza Strip
4) Muhammad Abu safiyya- Northern Gaza Strip
5) Mahmoud Al-Akhras- Rafah
6) Muhammad Qishta- Rafah
7) Isma’il Abu Ghazal- Al-Maghazi camp
8) Jasir At-Talla’- Sheikh Radwan
9) Ahmad Sa’d- Al-Bureij camp
10) Ramzi Abdul-Hamid Da’ur- Northern Gaza Strip
11) Ahmad Ash-Sha’ir- Khan Younis
12) Farid Musallam- Khan Younis
13) Samir Asfour- Abasan
14) Fayiq Asfour- Khan Younis
15) Mamdouh Ghazzawi- Zaytoun neighborhood
16) Abdul-Hamid Hussein- Northern Gaza Strip
17) Tariq Talluli- Northern Gaza Strip
18) Mahmoud Kishku- Zaytoun neighborhood
19) Raed Abu Habl- Northern Gaza Strip
20) Muhammad Al-Hasanat- Gaza City
21) Ahmad Judah- Rafah
22) Khalid Awwad (Colonel in National Security Forces)- Khan Younis
23) Ammar Ulwan- Tuffah neighborhood
24) Osama Al-Aydi- Tal Al-Hawa neighborhood
25) Abd Ar-Rahman Al-Gharabli- Nassr neighborhood
26) Muhammad Abu Seif + his father- Taffah neighborhood
27) Ibrahim Abu Nahl- Gaza City
28) Mother of Raed Abu Seif- Gaza City
29) Riham An-Najjar (infant)- Sheikh Radwan
30) Ahlam An-Najjar (infant)- Sheikh Radwan
31) Salih An-Najjar- Sheikh Radwan
31) Taha An-Najjar- Sheikh Radwan
32) Badran An-Najjar- Sheikh Radwan
33) Zakiyya An-Najjar (Senior Citizen)- Sheikh Radwan
34) Ramzi An-Najjar - Sheikh Radwan
35) The wife of Rami An-Najjar - Sheikh Radwan
36) Nafith Abu Ubeid- Northern Gaza Strip
37) Sabir Yasin- Zaytoun neighborhood
38) Abed Al-Gharabli- Sheikh Radwan
39) Osama Ad-Dayah- Al-Bureij camp
40) Shadi Abu Sirriyya- Zaytoun neighborhood
41) Raed Al-Maghari- Brazil neighborhood of Rafah
42) Ali Ghazzawi- Zaytoun neighborhood
43) Hatim Abu Jabal- Tel Al-Hawa
44) Zuheir Al-Aydi- Tel Al-Hawa
45) Faysal Al-Hilou- Tel Al-Hawa
46) Ahmad Abu Musamih- Gaza City
47) Walid Subih- Khan Younis
48) Abdul-Karim Abu Marahil- Sheikh Radwan
49) Osama Uweida- Zaytoun neighborhood
50) Muhammad Al-Qirm- Khan Younis
51) Fathi Abu Rawwagh- Northern Gaza Strip
52) Hamadah Al-Qirm- Khan Younis
53) Muti Abid- Northern Gaza Strip
54) Ahid Shamali- Shuja’iyya neighborhood
55) Raed Habbub- Northern Gaza Strip
56) Iyad Abid- Northern Gaza Strip
57) Adil Sharab- Khan Younis
58) Yousif Al-Hazin- Central Gaza Strip

Names and locations of people whose legs were broken:

1) Ramzi Killab- Rafah
2) Walid Abu Udah- Khan Younis
3) Samir Karim- Gaza City
4) Nasser Abu Marsa- Gaza City
5) Sa’id Al-Khatib- Sheikh Radwan
6) Khalid Jahjouh- Ash-Shati camp
7) Muhammad Nofal- Sheilh Radwan
8) Nidal Shehada- Sheikh Radwan
9) Jum’ah Abu Habl- Jabalia
10) Raed Abu Habl- Jabalia
11) Wasim Ubeid- Ash-Shati camp
12) Mahmoud Amir- Khan Younis
13) Hazim Khawaja- Sheikh Radwan
14) Nasser Khadra- Sheikh Radwan
15) Hamdan Al-Umsi- Ad-Daraj neighborhood (Gaza City)
16) Muhammad Abu Sharkh- Sheikh Radwan
17) Muhammad Al-Ghoul- Sheikh Radwan
18) Fuad Namnami- Sheikh Radwan
19) Safwat Hassanein- Sheikh Radwan
20) Omar Sa’d- Al-Bureij camp
21) Muhammad Zumar- Gaza City
22) Bassam Kloum- Gaza City
23) Saddam Asfour- Abasan
24) Raed Ma’lawani- Khan Younis
25) Muhammad Hneidiq- Khan Younis
26) Raafat Ash-Sha’ir- Khan Younis
27) Ramadan Barbakh- Khan Younis
28) Basil Zu’rub- Khan Younis
29) Mahmoud Amir- Khan Younis
30) Riyad Al-Khawwas- Khan Younis
31) Muhammad Wadi- Khan Younis
32) Ahmad Abdul’al- Khan Younis
33) Yasser Abdul’al- Khan Younis
34) Khalid Dihleiz- Rafah
35) Bilal Abu Shirbin- Rafah
36) Jihad Timraz- Rafah
37) Ahmad Ash-Shalabi- Sheikh Radwan
38) Ahmad Al-Bayyumi- Rafah
39) Khamis Al-Minawi- Ash-Shati camp
40) Jum’a Abu Habl- Northern Gaza Strip
41) Nidal Shehadah- Northern Gaza Strip
42) Hussein Abu Zor- Zaytoun neighborhood
43) Abdullah Hasab Allah- Zaytoun neighborhood
44) Tayseer Al-Jamal- Northern Gaza Strip
45) Ahid Al-Uruqi- Ash-Shati camp
46) Ayman Killab- Khan Younis
47) Ashraf Killab- Khan Younis
48) Jabir Killab- Khan Younis
49)Wisam Killab- Khan Younis
50) Abd Ar-Rahman Killab- Khan Younis
51) Shakir Killab- Khan Younis
52) Ali Al-Bashiti- Khan Younis
53) Bassam Mas’ud- Kahn Younis
54) Faysal Kawari- Khan Younis
55) Issa Issa- An-Nasr neighborhood
56) Abed Abdul-Majid- An-Nasr neighborhood
57) Alaa Al-Umsi- An-Nasr neighborhood
58) Darwish Al-Asali- An-Nasr neighborhood
59) Amjad Al-Ajrami- An-Nasr neighborhood
60) Riyad Abu Marahil- An-Nasr neighborhood
61) Talab Hasab Allah- Zaytoun neighborhood
62) Uthman Samuni- Zaytoun neighborhood
63) Majdi Dahlan- Khan Younis
64) Hani Thiab- Gaza City
65) Nadhmi Rafati- Tuffah neighborhood
66) Muhammad Muqbil- Tuffah neighborhood
67) Iyad Dhahir- Tuffah neighborhood
68) Muhammad Al-Qassas- Khan Younis
69) Muhammad Abu Jami (Professor of Islamic thought) - Khan Younis
70) Khamis Al-Meidana- Shuja’iyya neighborhood
71) Nidal Abu wadi- Northern Gaza Strip
72) Imad Dahlan- Khan Younis
73) Muhammad Shukri Ahmad- Gaza City
74) Khalil Shamlakh- Gaza City
75) Aziz Shamlakh- Gaza City
76) Idris Sha’lan- Khan Younis
77) Ziad Abu Lihya- Khan Younis
78) Salah Ar-Ruqab- Khan Younis
79) Adnan As-Suri- Khan Younis
80) Kamil Al-Akhras- Khan Younis
81) Ramzi Al-Akhras- Khan Younis
82) Alaa Al-Akhras- Khan Younis
83) Mazin Shahin- Khan Younis
84) Shawqi Al-Akhras- Khan Younis
85) Sheikh Bahjat Al-Akhras- Khan Younis
86) Faris Al-Akhras- Khan Younis
87) Raed Al-Akhras- Khan Younis
88) Ayman Al-Akhras- Khan Younis
89) Khalid Al-Akhras- Khan Younis
90) Ashraf Al-Akhras- Khan Younis
91) Muhammad Subih- Khan Younis
92) Nizar Subih- Khan Younis
93) Wael Subih- Khan Younis
94) Jibreel Abu Shammala- Rafah
95) Muhammad Sharab- Khan Younis
96) Ashraf Uweida- Zaytoun neighborhood
97) Samir- Kishku- Zaytoun neighborhood
98) Mahmoud Jadallah- An-Nasr neighborhood
99) Nidal Al-Astal- Khan Younis
100) Bayan Al-Agha- Khan Younis
101) Samir Dawwas- Northern Gaza Strip
102) Alaa Tafish- Northern Gaza Strip
103) Rizq Al-Bayyari- Gaza City
104) Muhammad ‘Ulayyan- Beit Lahiya
105) Nael Al-Attar- Beit Lahiya
106) Nabil Abu Dayyah- Beit Lahiya
107) Bassam Al-Bayyari- Gaza City
108) Mahmoud Matar- Rafah
109) Jihad Abu Sharaf- Beit Lahiya
110) Iyad Qdeih- Khan Younis
111) Samih Intheir- Tuffah neighborhood
112) Mahmoud Abu Shahin (Colonel in National Security Forces)- Central Gaza Strip

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