Video Dispatch 8: Syrians burn Iranian and Russian Flags (not Israeli and U.S. ones)

May 22, 2011

This is the eighth in a series of “Video dispatches”. This one includes videos taken yesterday and on Friday in Syria.

(Update, 2017: This dispatch was written and posted a few weeks into what was initially a peaceful pro-democracy uprising in Syria, years before ISIS was formed and the Syrian democrats were abandoned and betrayed by Obama and the West.)

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In this first video, taken yesterday (Saturday May 21) protestors in Syria burn the Iranian, Russian and Chinese flags.

This contradicts years of “expert analysis” by the Middle East editor of the BBC and others, and suggests President Bush and the neo-cons were right in their analysis that the people of Syria are less interested in opposing Israel and the United States, and more interested in gaining freedom from the regimes in Iran, Russia and China which help prop up the Assad dictatorship in Damascus.



In this horrific second video, filmed secretly, a Syrian tank deliberately runs back and forth over what appears to be an injured protestor on a motorcycle in the town of Dara, where hundreds have been killed by the Assad regime in recent weeks.



The video below was shown on France 24, the English-language French network, which has been much better in covering what is happening in Syria than other international networks like the BBC and CNN.

France 24 reports that these tortured detainees have been deliberately released by the regime in an effort to dissuade other citizens from participating in anti-government protests.

This video was made earlier this month in the north-western Syrian city of Banias.



In this large protest in Homs on Friday, the people sing and chant: “Down with Bashar” and “Leave, Bashar, Leave”.


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