The “Innocence of Muslims” prompts a wave of anti-Semitic cartoons

September 21, 2012

[Notes below by Tom Gross]

This is a follow-up to the dispatches last week (here and here) in which I pointed out the fact that virtually the entire Western media had been quick to accuse, without any proper evidence or fact-checking, or even the most rudimentary Google search, a non-existent “Israeli Jew” backed by non-existent “rich Jewish financiers” of being responsible for the YouTube video clip called the “Innocence of Muslims.”

Even after most Western news outlets corrected themselves last Thursday, a small minority of Western news columnists with a track record of attacking Israel continued to state that an Israeli Jew was behind the film. For example, the New York Times-owned International Herald Tribune carried two pieces last Friday (one by the former New York Times foreign editor Roger Cohen) continuing to allege that the film was made by an Israeli Jew.

Unsurprisingly, the media in the Arab world and Iran have continued this theme, and below, are some cartoons from recent days -- a sampling of the many cartoons throughout the Middle East that blame Jews for the anti-Islam film “Innocence of Muslims.” Thank you to the Anti-Defamation League (the senior staff of which subscribe to this list) for their research in identifying these cartoons.

There have also been anti-Semitic statements and editorials about the film throughout the Middle Eastern media, as well as finger-pointing by politicians.

For example, Iran’s supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, issued a statement blaming “evil Zionists” and the U.S. government for the film.

In Britain and the U.S. too, anti-Israel activists were quick to blame Israel for the film. The Muslim Council of Britain did so in a press release, and the media coordinator for American Muslims for Palestine, Kristin Szremski, wrote, “As we mourn the loss of lives in Libya because of the outrage over a terrible anti-Islam film, we must also call to hold the Israeli filmmaker responsible.”

In Paris on Wednesday, a small bomb exploded in a kosher supermarket, reportedly injuring several people.

(I would also suggest that you read the other dispatch today, which can be read here:

Genocides, unlike hurricanes, are predictable, and Iran is following the pattern.)

-- Tom Gross

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Above, from the United Arab Emirates paper, Al-Bayan, Sept. 16, 2012: The caption reads “A joint vision of the production”


The Saudi paper, Al Watan, Sept. 15, 2012: The filmmaker, wearing an Israeli tie, is shouting “action”


The Qatari paper Ar-Raya, Sept. 16, 2012. Note the stars of David on the filmmaker’s shirtsleeves. The caption reads: “The Killing of the US Ambassador in Libya.” This cartoon also appears in Ash-Shuruq, in Algeria


The Omani paper, Al-Watan, Sept. 18, 2012: The movie clapboard says: “The film: Innocence of Muslims; Produced by The devil,” and the Jew is saying “Action”


From Iran’s Fars news agency: The American and Jew shake the hand of Satan who is hiding behind the film reel


Also from Iran’s Fars news agency. The caption reads “The Jewish camera”


Above, further cartoons from Iran’s Fars news agency concerning the film


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