Revealed: video and photos of another Hamas rally at Al-Quds University, held on Sunday

March 25, 2014

This is a follow-up to my dispatches on this subject last November and January:

* Scenes yesterday afternoon from a “moderate” Palestinian university

* Al-Quds: Fascist-style rally by our students last Tuesday was “totally unacceptable”

* Update: Al-Quds photos receive attention from Netanyahu through to Al Jazeera

* Brandeis suspends partnership with Al-Quds after Fascist-style rally

* English Literature Professor at Al-Quds: We have the right to kill Israelis (& Syracuse cuts ties)

* Finally, the New York Times covers official Palestinian Authority praise for Hitler (and reproduces my Al-Quds photo)



[Note by Tom Gross]

The Al-Quds university authorities have consistently misled everyone (and some gullible journalists have repeated their assertions without question) that last November’s Fascist-style rally on the university campus (organized with the full cooperation of the university authorities) was a one off-event, when in fact there were several such rallies last year.

Below, exclusively revealed to a Western audience for the first time, are photos of the Hamas rally held on Al-Quds university campus this past Sunday March 23, 2014.

Palestinian students at the university whom I spoke to yesterday, who say they are sick and tired of the university authorities allowing terrorist groups to hold military parades around campus, tell me the rally lasted for about two hours and involved hundreds of students.

One of those many westerners who helps fund programs at Al-Quds university is George Soros, and I am told by one of his assistants that Soros has looked at my previous dispatches on this subject and has already threatened to cut his funding.

The photos below show Hamas students parading around campus on Sunday (although unlike the Islamic Jihad Rally last November they didn’t give Nazi salutes).

Some of these photos are from Al-Quds students' Facebook pages.

There is also a video of the rally first.

-- Tom Gross


Update (March 27, 2014):

There is a follow-up dispatch here:

President of al-Quds University resigns


الكتلة الاسلامية - العهد والوفاء في جامعة القدس 23 مارس



















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UPDATE, March 25, 2014, 11 am EST

Since posting the dispatch on my website earlier today, several media and prominent blogs have linked to it, for example, The Times of Israel is presently using it as their lead story.

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