U.S. State Department helps promote sale of Mein Kampf (& Iran bans ‘Zionist WhatsApp’)

May 04, 2014

Some of the dangerous hate books on sale


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Regarding item 7 below, Belgium riot police used water cannon yesterday to disperse the crowds gathered for the anti-Semitic summit.

And among those linking to this dispatch are former Pentagon official Michel Rubin who kindly adds a nice compliment here.



1. State Department, French embassy “partner” anti-Semitic book fair
2. Jordan’s ex-foreign minister approvingly quotes Mein Kampf
3. Jewish man who urged Muslims to kill Jews, found guilty
4. Murder of 20-year-old believed to be a hate crime
5. Neo-Nazis honor Ukrainian SS on Holocaust Memorial Day
6. Hungarian PM defends revisionist World War II monument
7. Brussels mayor urges ban on “European Anti-Semite summit” due to be held today
8. British MP resigns after “bloody Jew” remark
9. “Anti-Semitic” Pink Floyd stars again call on Rolling Stones to boycott Israel
10. “Moderate” Rouhani bans WhatsApp: owned by “American Zionist Zuckerberg”
11. “Kill Jews” Spanish town name change vote set for May 25
12. Novelist Alice Walker says she “doesn’t know” if Al-Qaeda was behind 9/11 attacks

[All notes below by Tom Gross]

Below are a number of blatantly anti-Semitic news developments from recent days.

As nasty as these are, most people can easily recognize them for what they are: hateful anti-Semitic lies. Personally I find more dangerous the subtle, often hidden anti-Semitism that is sometimes found in, for example, the supposedly neutral reports of respectable news outlets like The Guardian, New York Times and BBC. Uninformed readers and viewers will not be aware they are being misled about Jews or the Jewish state by these journalists and commentators.



The U.S. State Department is listed as a “cultural partner” of the 24th Abu Dhabi International Book Fair, which is currently being held (from April 30 to May 5). Among the anti-Semitic publications on display at the fair (in both English and Arabic) – books which paved the way for The Holocaust – are “The International Jew,” “Mein Kampf” and “The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion”.

“The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion” is now reported to be the second most widely published book in the Arab world. It promotes anti-Semitic conspiracy theories that Jews are planning global domination.

Then other “cultural partners” for this year’s Abu Dhabi International Book Fair include the French government TV channel France 24, National Geographic magazine, and the French Embassy. (There are, it should be noted, many other titles on display at the book fair, which are not anti-Semitic or have nothing to do with Jews.)

Several senior diplomats at the U.S. State Department, as well as a number of French Foreign Ministry employees (not those stationed in Abu Dhabi) subscribe to this website email list and one would hope they would take steps to have the Book Fair’s organizers remove the anti-Semitic titles.

Similar anti-Semitic literature appeared at the 2014 Casablanca Book Fair and in the recent past at the Frankfurt Book Fair. For more, see this dispatch:

Iran sells hate literature at Frankfurt Book Fair, breaking German laws against anti-Semitism (Oct. 25, 2005)



In a rare move, Israel’s foreign ministry has summoned the Jordanian ambassador to Israel to protest a blatantly anti-Semitic article published in the Jordan Times by a former Jordanian foreign minister.

The former foreign minister, Kamel Abu Jaber, quoted from Mein Kampf to support his vehemently anti-Israel arguments, which appeared as Israel commemorated Holocaust Remembrance Day last Monday.

Jaber, who is currently director of the Royal Institute for Interfaith Studies, also mixed various other anti-Semitic myths into his article.



And then there are the occasional Jewish anti-Semites too:

Joseph Leonard Cohen, a Jewish man from New Jersey, who converted to Islam and changed his name to Yousef al-Khattab, has been found guilty after he encouraged violent attacks against Jews.

Cohen / al-Khattab ran RevolutionMuslim.com, an online hate site where he preached radical Islamist ideology, and shared training videos over YouTube with millions of Muslims around the world, and called for death threats against Jews.

Cohen / al-Khattab, who was raised in New Jersey and Brooklyn, studied at an Orthodox yeshiva in Jerusalem in his early 20s, and returned to the U.S. in 2000, before converting to Islam after the 9/11 attacks.

In 2007, al-Khattab and a recent Columbia University graduate Jesse Morton, now known as Younes Abdullah Mohammed, launched the website RevolutionMuslim.

In 2009, al-Khattab posted a video urging viewers to seek out Jews in the U.S. and “deal with them directly in their homes.” He posted a photo of a synagogue in Brooklyn, complete with directions and a note that it tended to be full at prayer time.

According to American law enforcement officials, terrorists using and gaining encouragement from al-Khattab’s website include: “Jihad Jane,” from Philadelphia, arrested in 2009 for plotting to kill a cartoonist who had drawn Prophet Muhammad; blogger Zachary Chesser, from Virginia, arrested while boarding a flight to Somalia where he was to join al-Shabab, a group linked to al-Qaeda; and Samir Khan, from North Carolina, who edited an al-Qaeda magazine and was killed by a drone while riding in the same vehicle as radical American cleric Anwar al-Awlaki in Yemen.


Tom Gross adds: Among anti-Semitic movements throughout history – including during the Spanish Inquisition, Stalinist Russia and Nazi Germany – there have always been a few psychologically disturbed former Jews who have encouraged the mass killing of other Jews.



Shelly Dadon, a 20-year-old Israeli woman who was brutally murdered and dumped in a parking lot on Thursday night, is believed to have been killed for nationalistic motives by Palestinians because she was Jewish, police investigators say.

Another murder of a young Jewish Israeli woman took place on Thursday in Ashkelon in southern Israel which police believe was not nationalistically motivated.



Some in the Western media seem to have been so eager to denounce Vladimir Putin in recent weeks, that they continue to ignore the extreme-right in Ukraine. As I have pointed out in previous dispatches, Putin may well be a criminal (for his genocidal policies in Chechnya, his continued arming of the murderous Assad regime in Syria and in other respects too). But on the point of whether there are Fascist sympathizers in the Ukrainian government that seized power in what many say was a Western-backed coup in February, Putin is in some respects right.

The latest manifestation of this came last Monday, when as the “March of the Living” commenced in neighboring Poland, in honor of Holocaust Memorial Day, just over the border in the former Polish-Jewish city of Lwow/Lvov (now taken over by Ukraine and re-named Lviv) a very different type of march took place in support of the wartime Ukrainian divison of the Waffen-SS.

They were marching in Lvov to commemorate the creation of the 14th SS-Volunteer ‘Galician’ Division on April 28, 1943.

Many of the demonstrators bore the SS insignia and chanted in support of wartime Ukrainian Fascist leader Stepan Bandera.

The demonstrators were members of the (Fascist) Svoboda party which has several cabinet posts in the new Ukrainian government. Putin and his supporters have denounced the “Banderists” in that government.

The inclusion of Svoboda in the government has made Israel one of the only Western democracies to refuse to vote with the new Ukrainian government at the UN recently. (Israel abstained. Both Russia and Ukraine have a long history of anti-Semitism.)

The 14th Waffen Division of the SS, which was infamous even among other Nazis for its ferocity, was a volunteer brigade of Galicians – mostly ethnic Ukrainians, but it also included some Slovak, Dutch, and Czech volunteers. It received the support of senior Ukrainian church leaders.


The Jewish mayor of Ukraine’s second-largest city, Kharkiv (or Kharkov), has been airlifted to Israel for specialist medical treatment.

Gennady Kernes, 54, who narrowly survived an assassination attempt, was flown to Haifa’s Rambam Medical Center on Tuesday after being shot in the back of his head by an unidentified gunman on Monday while he was going for his morning swim.

On Wednesday, he underwent surgery by leading doctors in Israel. According to hospital officials, Kernes has now been taken off a respirator and is conscious.

Kernes had been a strong supporter of deposed pro-Russian Ukrainian president Viktor Yanukovych. But following Yanukovych’s overthrow, Kernes had said that Kharkiv should remain part of Ukraine.

Kernes had become more closely connected to Judaism in recent years, receiving a Hebrew name and a brit milah, according to local Rabbi Moshe Moskowitz. “He’s a good friend of the Jewish community,” Moskowitz said.



Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban told Jewish community leaders last Wednesday that he would build a controversial Nazi occupation monument despite their opposition.

The Federation of Jewish Communities in Hungary, as well as Jewish groups abroad, have criticized the Hungarian government for planning to build a memorial that whitewashes the role that the wartime Hungarian pro-Nazi government played in the murder of 550,000 Hungarian Jews and instead pretends Hungary was a mere victim. (For decades critics have accused successive Austrian post-war governments, including the one headed by Nazi war criminal and former UN chief Kurt Waldheim, of doing the same.)

In protest, Hungarian Jewish organizations have said they will boycott the unveiling of the statue at Budapest’s Freedom Square at the end of this month.

Jewish leaders also expressed “shock” at the recent decision of the Holocaust Memorial Center, a government institution established in 1999, to cooperate with the newly established (revisionist) Veritas Historical Research Institute. In January, the government appointed another controversial historian, Sandor Szakaly, to head Veritas. Also in January, Szakaly said in an interview that the deportation and subsequent murder of Jews was an “action of the immigration authorities against illegal aliens.”


In what is seen as a rebuke to his own government, the (largely ceremonial) Hungarian President Janos Ader took part with thousands of Jews in Sunday’s “March Of The Living” remembrance walk, which was held for the 12th time in Budapest, the Hungarian capital.

President Janos Ader said Auschwitz, where a third of those killed in the death camp were Hungarian Jews, “forms part of Hungarian history.”



Vincent De Wolf, the mayor of Etterbeek – one of 19 municipalities that make up the Brussels region – has asked the governor of the region to issue a ban on what is being described as an “European anti-Semitic summit” due to be held today.

The event is being organized by Laurent Louis, a Belgian MP with a record of anti-Semitic and anti-Israel statements. In January, he said in parliament that “the Holocaust was set up and financed by the pioneers of Zionism.” Last year, he posed for pictures outside parliament while trampling and spitting on an Israeli flag.

He said the event he was planning in Brussels was a “European Congress of resistance.”

A keynote speaker will be the anti-Semitic French “comedian” Dieudonne M’bala M’bala, who has seven convictions for inciting racial hatred against Jews and whom French Prime Minister Manuel Valls has called a “professional anti-Semite.”

Other speakers include Alain Soral, the author of several anti-Semitic books and various people who collaborate with Dieudonne.

The Belgian League Against Anti-Semitism, says that if the event occurs, “it will be the worst gathering of conspiracy theorists and anti-Semitic propagandists that Belgium has seen since World War II.”

It urged authorities to prevent the event from taking place saying “it represents a grave danger to democracy.”



British MP Patrick Mercer, who is a member of the governing Conservative Party, has resigned after the House of Commons Standards Committee concluded he had breached a number of regulations.

Among the statements that were criticized by the Standards Committee, Mercer had said that a female soldier from Fiji “looks like a bloody Jew”.

Mercer also used his position for paid advocacy and described a fellow MP as a “crook of the first order.”

Mercer has apologized for the statement against Jews, saying that he had been “very tired at the time” and that it was a “stupid thing to say.”

He added: “I am married to a woman of Jewish extraction. I have lots of Jewish friends … and I am conscious that my speech isn’t always as balanced as it should be.”



In an op-ed published on Thursday for the online magazine Salon, two founding members of the rock band Pink Floyd, Roger Waters and Nick Mason, again called on their fellow British rockers from The Rolling Stones to cancel their upcoming concert in Tel Aviv on June 4.

Roger Waters is at the forefront of international efforts to boycott Israel, and has also been denounced by Jewish groups as an anti-Semite for, for example, using pig-shaped balloons emblazoned with Jewish Stars of David at his concerts. He has suggested the Jews are Nazis. At one such concert in Belgium last year (a country where many thousands of Jews were murdered), under his “Jewish pig” balloon, he wore a long black leather jacket with a red-and-white arm band, which concert goers said was reminiscent of a Nazi uniform.

“The Jewish lobby is extraordinarily powerful in the music industry and they are trying to stop my freedom of expressing,” he alleged, following criticism of the concert.

ADL director Abe Foxman said that “Waters has absorbed classic anti-Semitic conspiracy theories, and these have now seeped into the totality of his views. How sad that a creative genius could become so perverted by his own narrow-minded bigotry.” (Foxman, who is a Holocaust survivor, is a longtime subscriber to this email list.)


Besides the Rolling Stones, other major artists scheduled to defy the boycotters and perform in Israel this summer include Lady Gaga, Miley Cyrus, Justin Timberlake, Justin Bieber and Neil Young.

* For that and other items please see this recent dispatch: Jewish teacher in Paris has nose broken, swastika drawn on chest (& Iran leader again denies Holocaust) (March 23, 2014)



The Iranian government has announced a ban on the popular worldwide messaging application WhatsApp, which was recently purchased by Facebook for $19 billion. It said that the decision was reached because WhatsApp was bought “by the Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, who is an American Zionist.”

(Tom Gross adds: In fact there is no indication that Zuckerberg is a Zionist, and WhatsApp was purchased from its founder, the Ukrainian-born Jew Jan Koum, who said in interview earlier this year that he fled anti-Semitism in Ukraine before settling in America and going on to found WhatsApp.)

The announcement was made by Iran’s Committee on Internet Crimes, which hinted that other social media projects, including Viber, Tango, Instagram and Facebook, may soon be shut down in Iran.

One Iranian blogger, speaking anonymously, told Fox News that “The Revolutionary Guard sees these social sites as a major threat because there’s an appeal for young people and the government worries about the exchange of information.”

Thirteen government officials sit on the committee that polices internet users, six of whom are also members of Iranian President Hassan Rouhani’s cabinet.

In October of 2012, Iran’s cyber police arrested 35-year-old blogger Sattar Beheshti, for crimes “against national security on social networks and Facebook.” Beheshti had openly criticized the government online. He was found dead a month later in his prison cell and is believed to have been tortured to death.


You may also wish to watch this video I posted in 2010:

* Iran: Zuckerberg created Facebook on behalf of the Mossad.



In my dispatch on April 14, 2014, I highlighted the story “Spanish village says it may agree to remove words ‘kill Jews’ from its name”.

Senior correspondents for the Associated Press who subscribe to this list, told me they have read my dispatch and have now written about it. The AP story of April 25 has been picked up by others, for example, on ABC news:


The village’s 56 registered voters will now be asked on May 25 whether they want to keep the name or change it to the similar, but non-offensive name that the town had before the Spanish inquisition. Even before the Inquisition, the region was known for its massacres of Jews. For example, in the pogrom of 1035, 66 Jews were killed in a nearby town.



Award-winning novelist Alice Walker, who has a track record of making anti-Israel statements now says she “doesn’t know” whether Al-Qaeda was behind the 9/11 attacks.

She was speaking on the sidelines of a conference at New York University last week, organized by leftist historian Howard Zinn.

Even though Osama bin Laden and Al-Qaeda have taken credit for the attacks, conspiracy theorists in America still believe that it was “inside job” by the Bush administration or that Israel was behind the attacks.

Walker’s own half-Jewish daughter has suggested that her mother has a problem with Jews.

In 2012 Walker refused to allow the translation of her novel The Color Purple into Hebrew. For more, please see here.

[Notes above by Tom Gross]

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