Debating the media coverage of the current Hamas-Israel conflict (with Tom Gross)

July 28, 2014

For those interested, I attach a video of a debate from a couple of days ago on i24 News on the international media coverage of the current Hamas-Israel conflict.

With former Sunday Telegraph Mideast correspondent Tom Gross, Russia Today Mideast bureau chief Paula Slier, and Haaretz’s Netta Ahituv.

Because it is quite long (20 minutes) I won’t include other items in this dispatch.

(There is a small technical pause at the start, but the rest is ok.)


This can also be watched here:

and here .


I also wrote an article for The National Post on the media coverage of the current Hamas-Israel conflict.


For those who missed them and would like to read them, other dispatches from this month on the Hamas-Israel conflict include the following, all of which can be viewed here.

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* Israel’s Iron Dome is amazing, and that’s a problem (& Al-Ahram: “Destroy Hamas -- Thank you Netanyahu”)

* Abbas to Hamas: “What are you trying to achieve by sending rockets?” (& Media misreports international law)

* The song Israeli schoolchildren sing to deal with rocket attacks (& Hamas admit to using human shields)

* Video dispatch 26: Intensifying conflict as more rockets aimed at Tel Aviv

* BBC admits Gaza airstrike photos are fabricated (& Swastikas by the Western Wall)

* Let’s hope John Kerry and the EU don’t insist on their early release

* “From Gibraltar to the Khyber Pass, the U.S. shares values only with one country”

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