Video dispatch 29: “Fighting terror by day, supermodels by night” (& Sign of the times)

October 14, 2014

An Israeli soldier posing for the new IDF calendar. (Video below)



1. Supermodel soldiers?
2. Tel Aviv neighborhood ranked second sexiest in the world
3. American students speak out about the wave of anti-Semitic harassment
4. Young Jewish girls walk home from school…
5. Sign of the times
6. No more stolen bikes?
7. The amazing “salt cubes” from the Dead Sea?
8. Anti-Semitism without limits in the UK

[Notes below by Tom Gross]

Since news from the Middle East can often be so depressing, first here is a “lighter”, albeit somewhat tacky story… More serious stories and videos follow the first two items.



A Tel Aviv fashion house is producing a calendar featuring beautiful female Israeli soldiers in an effort to promote its new line of fashion. You can see a video of the women, some of whom are scantly clad, below.

The company says their goal is to launch “the sexiest and sharpest military-inspired street wear the world has ever seen.” One of the slogans in the video is: “Fighting terror by day, supermodels by night!”


Last year, I reported that Facebook photographs of young female Israeli soldiers posing in only lingerie and with guns, were republished in newspapers around the world. The British tabloid The Sun ran the photos under the headlines “Gaza strip!” and “Phwoar games”.

None of this, of course, has done much to help Israel’s international image among many. The Sun was among those papers that gave Israel a very rough ride during this past summer’s Hamas-Israel conflict.



The Tel Aviv district of Gan Hahashmal has been ranked second in the “Sexiest neighborhoods on Earth” list. It was beaten only by Rio De Janiero’s famed Ipanema neighborhood. Tel Aviv was ahead of Barcelona, Paris, New York and other cities.

Here is the top ten.



The intimidation, abuse and sometimes-violent assaults of openly Jewish students on American college campuses continues to increase. Some of it has been encouraged by an atmosphere of demonization led by the so-called BDS movement, and in some cases by university professors, who oppose any student who dares try to voice support for Israel.



Not only in Europe, but also in north America, there are an increasing number of assaults on Jews, including Jewish children, which go largely unreported outside of the Jewish media.

Here is just one small example from New York:



A supporter of Israel (I am told that the man in question in this video is a non-Jewish Iraqi-British supporter of Israel) tries to hold up a sign at a public event in London organized by the well-known British politician and hater of Israel, the Liberal Democrat peer Lady Jenny Tonge:



While the “boycott Israel” movement continues to attract supporters among some university professors and students, and certain European members of parliament and media columnists, Israeli trade with the rest of the world is sharply increasing.

This is in large part because Israeli companies are so innovative. Here is one small example of this: a new company that may have found the solution to stopping people’s bicycles being stolen.

Meet Seatylock. This video was filmed in Tel Aviv.



I can’t verify that the cubes in this video are genuine, but even if not, the Dead Sea is amazing as a geological phenomenon in so many other ways.



Herein lies the danger of people who actually appear to believe anti-Semitic conspiracy theories...


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