The BBC: You can’t show that picture!

November 18, 2014


[Note by Tom Gross]

This is a follow-up to other dispatches on this list on the BBC, the world’s largest broadcasting network.

I don’t have time to write a more substantive dispatch now, but I did want to draw readers’ attention to a clip shown just minutes ago on BBC World TV.

The BBC, which was happy to broadcast Hamas-supplied pictures of dead children in Gaza almost round the clock all summer, declares “we don’t want to actually see that picture… Take that down!” as an Israeli minister shows them a picture of one of the Jewish worshippers butchered to death by Palestinians wielding knives and axes as the Israelis were praying in a Jerusalem synagogue this morning.

The BBC has a long-standing (though undeclared) policy of showing, often in graphic detail, pictures of dead Palestinians, but not of dead Israelis, which is why the Israeli minister held up the photo.

Today’s terror attack follows a particularly high level of incitement to kill Jews yesterday on the official TV and radio stations of the E.U.- and U.S.-funded Palestinian Authority.

Five of the 13 injured in this morning’s attack are on life support. The dead had 26 children among them.

Part of the BBC’s problem is with omission. For example, the BBC’s failure to mention that one of the rabbis axed to death this morning was British, born in the UK. The other three killed were all American citizens. Experts say it seems that the terrorists, who carefully scouted the premises yesterday, deliberately attacked an English-speaking synagogue.



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