CNN calls the attacked synagogue “a mosque”

November 18, 2014

Screenshots from CNN today



[Note by Tom Gross]

(This is a follow-up to: The BBC: You can’t show that picture!)

Some staff at the BBC who subscribe to this list have written to me asking why I singled out the BBC for criticism this morning, and not CNN. And they are right.

CNN’s coverage was, if anything, even worse.

For example, above are two screen shots from CNN today.

No doubt these are innocent mistakes.

But producers at CNN (some of whom subscribe to this email list) might want to ask themselves why almost every mistake they make about the Palestinian-Israeli conflict is to Israel’s detriment.

As Bret Stephens once wrote about the New York Times When one carefully examines the New York Times’s corrections column, one can see that in all cases the mistakes were made against Israel. “In a more normal world,” wrote Stephens, “a newspaper’s mistakes, particularly in its political and diplomatic reporting, would more-or-less be randomly distributed... Yet while a search of NYT corrections over the past two years discloses the usual measure of forgivable bloopers, not once has the paper erred on the side of Israel. A pattern of bias, maybe?”


(Incidentally, for those interested, who live in Israel, I was interviewed earlier today by Israel’s Channel 10 News on the subject of “reporting and mistakes” in the international media coverage of the Mideast, and the interview is scheduled to be broadcast later this evening.)

Update: Naftali Bennett put up a 20 second clip from the interview here and so far it has been watched over 170,000 times, with over 8,000 likes.

I just put up the full 3 minute video here.



Several readers in Britain have written to me to say that the domestic station BBC Radio 5 Live also called the synagogue a mosque this morning.

And the BBC correspondent Jon Donnison, who as I have pointed out in previous dispatches, mistakenly tweeted false photos of Palestinians (that were actually photos of Syrians) is now pointing out CNN’s errors.

CNN says sorry

CNN has now made an on-air apology for “mistakes” in their reporting earlier.

“Hero dies”

A fifth Israeli has this evening died as a result of today’s terror attack. Zidan Saif was a police officer who rushed to the scene as the attack was ongoing. Witnesses says he displayed incredible acts of bravery, as he allowed himself to be shot as he acted as a shield to save more synagogue worshippers from being murdered. Saif was a Druze, from Yanuh-Jat in the Galilee. He is survived by his wife and four-month-old daughter. His father described his son as “a true hero”. The president of the state of Israel said he will attend Saif’s funeral. He is the second Druze to have been murdered by Palestinian terrorists this month.


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