The future of free speech?

January 07, 2015


The above cartoon appeared in The New Yorker in 2012 after a previous attack on Charlie Hebdo.


In recent minutes, the BBC have finally reported what other media reported hours ago: that survivors said the gunmen shouted “Allah Akbar” and “we have avenged the prophet” as they shot dead 12 people, including the editor, deputy editor and three cartoonists.

Yet the BBC TV World News anchor went on to ask her interviewee just now: Some would say do you think the cartoonists “overstepped the mark… were those guys asking for trouble?” A frightening future...


The gunmen spoke in perfect French. Witnesses said they knew exactly which cartoonists they were targeting. They executed the two police guards as they went in. Their escape was also well-planned, as they swapped cars and got away.


There was insufficient action by the authorities after the murderous attack by French Jihadis on the Toulouse Jewish school in 2012, and the Brussels Jewish museum in 2014. Maybe they will address the problem more seriously now. Then EU Foreign Policy Chief Baroness Ashton apologized after appearing to “explain” the murder of the Toulouse Jewish school children.


You may also like to read this piece from the Daily Telegraph in London: We must stop blaming ourselves for Islamist terror.


This hardly needs saying, but the problem is radical Islam, not Muslims. Indeed, there are reports that one of the policeman shot dead outside the Charlie Hebdo office today was a Muslim.

-- Tom Gross


From the (London) Daily Telegraph:



22 cartoonists give their response to the shootings.


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