Postscript: Murder

October 04, 2015


[Note by Tom Gross]

In 2013 and 2014, in a series of dispatches I published exclusive photos (one of which is above) of student rallies held on the main campus at Jerusalem’s Al-Quds University, which was partnered with America’s Brandeis University and Bard College.

At those rallies (which were held with the permission of the university authorities) the students were urged to kill Jews.

It seems the rhetoric at such rallies has all-too-real consequences.

The perpetrator of last night’s grisly attack on four Jews (including a baby) in the Old City of Jerusalem, Mohanned Halabi, 19, (above, in Islamic Jihad headband) was a second-year law student at Al-Quds University, and multiple sources at Al-Quds University confirm to me this morning that he was a member of the same Islamic Jihad student group there that was featured in the rallies I wrote about.

The then president of Brandeis university, who is a subscriber to this list, decided to suspend the relationship with Al-Quds as a result of these dispatches; but last year two leaders of J Street’s campus group, J Street U, were given a grant to travel to Al-Quds and spearhead a “student dialogue initiative” aimed at repairing relations between Al-Quds and Brandeis.

Despite the fact that the Islamic Jihad and Hamas student factions continue to operate and indoctrinate students with the permission of the university authorities, Al-Quds continues to receive American and European taxpayers money.



The publicly-funded BBC, which refused to call Thursday’s (previous) terrorist murders of two Israeli parents in front of their four children terror attacks, yesterday strained the English language to imply that Israel shot dead a Palestinian (the above-mentioned Mohanned Halabi) for no reason -- without explaining he had already murdered two Jews and badly injured a Jewish woman and stabbed a 2 year child and was in the process of trying to murder more Jews when he was stopped.

The BBC website headline was:

The above headline was later changed after members of the public swamped the BBC switchboard to complain of what one British activist group called “the BBC’s despicable anti-Semitic and racist lies”.

Other news organizations I have seen in Europe and America reported these murders in a straightforward way, for example, NBC news: “Two Israelis killed, teen and baby stabbed in attacks in Jerusalem”. But not the BBC, which reverses for Israelis (and only Israelis) the perpetrator and victim.

The BBC also failed to mention that Thursday’s double murders of the Israeli parents were claimed by Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas’s Fatah faction.



A French reader points out to me that the online headline in Le Figaro was just as misleading. He sent me a screenshot which reads (in translation) “3 dead in an attack in Jerusalem including a Palestinian.”



Credit to Al Jazeera for admitting its mistake for the way it initially reported last night’s deadly terror attack in Jerusalem. My sources at the BBC say the BBC will not apologize for their misreporting, which was worse than that by Al-Jazeera.

“Al Jazeera regrets the wording of a tweet we posted regarding an attack in Jerusalem this weekend.”



A Facebook page set up in honor of terrorist Mohanned Halabi had by early this morning already gained more than 2,000 “likes” according to news reports in the Middle East.

I am choosing not to link to it, though I have viewed it.

Many question why Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Facebook, continues to allow anti-Semitic incitement to kill on Facebook.


In another attack last night, an Arab driver rammed his car in into a 9-year-old Jewish boy on the West Bank, injuring him.

Hamas leader Ismael Radwan called the spate of attacks on defenseless Jewish civilians during the Jewish holiday of Sukkot “heroic”.


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