Muslims pray at Ben Gurion Airport while Jew almost lynched on plane

November 04, 2015

[Note by Tom Gross]

Photos below:

Muslims praying in the main departure terminal of Israel’s Ben Gurion Airport yesterday.

It is doubtful whether Orthodox Jews could freely pray in the airport of Israel’s neighboring Muslim countries. And yet it is Israel that opinion writers at the New York Times, Guardian and elsewhere repeatedly (and wrongly) label an “Apartheid state”.

Meanwhile, today’s (London) Daily Mail (and other papers) report:

“Muslim Ethiopian Airlines passenger tries to kill Jewish man while urging other passengers to lynch him after discovering he was an Israeli. During the attack he screamed ‘Allah Akbar” and ‘slaughter the Jew’.”

The worldwide incitement against Jews is not only being promoted in many mosques in the Islamic world and elsewhere, but also by some journalists, academics and NGOs in the supposedly respectable media and universities of western democracies. The BBC World Service radio, with its near daily invective against Israel, is widely listened to in Africa.





(Photos above courtesy of Yaron Carni/StandWithUs)


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