Video: Rally today at western government-funded university in support of Islamic terrorism

November 17, 2015


[Note by Tom Gross]

Western apologists for Al-Quds University in east Jerusalem continue to insist that the “militancy” at the university is -- to quote Leon Botstein, president of New York’s prestigious Bard college which partners with Al-Quds -- a one-off “incident” involving “only a very small group of students.”

For the eighth time in these Middle East dispatches, I attach evidence of what continues to happen on the main campus of Al-Quds University without a word of criticism from the U.S. and European government departments that provide funding for it.

These videos are from today (November 17, 2015):


Footage of the rally today at Al-Quds University to honor students “martyred” in the act of stabbing Israeli civilians to death last month. Note the stiff-armed Nazi-type salutes. No Western media outlet has picked this up despite the fact that professors at the university participated in this rally and hundreds of Western journalists are based nearby.

A second clip from Al-Quds University today.


Here is another rally I haven’t included in my previous Al-Quds dispatches. This one was held outside the engineering school of the Al-Quds campus on October 11, 2015. Again students were incited to murder Jews and that is exactly what has happened.

If you watch this video, it certainly doesn’t seem like “only a couple of dozen students” participated, as some American academic champions of Al-Quds claim.


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