UK government stops funding mainstream charities promoting anti-Semitism, but still pays killers

April 03, 2016

The British government is paying the two Palestinian terrorists who left this British woman (Kay Wilson) for dead and killed her American friend £9,000 each year as a “reward,” reports The Mail on Sunday today.



[Note by Tom Gross]

I attach two pieces below from today’s leading British newspapers, the Sunday Telegraph and the Mail on Sunday. (I helped advise both newspapers with these pieces.)

The Mail on Sunday (the Sunday edition of the Daily Mail, the world’s most read online newspaper) reports:

You, the British taxpayer, pay two Palestinian terrorists who left this British woman for dead and killed her friend £9,000 each every year - as a 'REWARD'.

Kay Wilson was left for dead in an orgy of violence in Jerusalem in which Kristine Luken, an American, was killed by two Palestinian terrorists.

Reports revealed the assailants were being paid a monthly stipend equivalent to £750 each effectively from the Palestinian Authority (PA).

The Mail on Sunday exposed how ‘reward’ payments are going via the PA - which UK aid gives more than £24million each year - to terrorists

If you want to end the madness, you can sign the petition HERE [At the link below]


You can read the full piece and see the photos here.



The (London) Sunday Telegraph reports today:

The [British] government has ceased funding a British charity which sponsored events accused of promoting hatred and violence against Jews.

The Department for International Development said that it no longer supported War on Want, which helped pay for “Israeli Apartheid Week” in February this year.

The statement comes as the Telegraph obtained undercover recordings of events where anti-Semitism, demands for the destruction of Israel or naked support for terror were expressed by academics and others at meetings in some of Britain’s most prestigious universities.

One speaker, Max Blumenthal, the son of a close adviser to Bill and Hillary Clinton, praised a massacre by Hamas as sending an “incredible message” and said that taking up arms should be “normal” for Palestinians. He compared Israel to the terrorist group Isil, describing it as “the Jewish State of Israel and the Levant, Jsil”.

At another rally – sponsored by War on Want – a speaker said that British government policy was created by “Zionist and neo-con lobbies”.

A second speaker at the same event spoke of a “rumour” that Israelis were harvesting dead Palestinians’ organs.

The meeting was held at London University’s School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS)… War on Want has received £260,000 in funding from the British government over the last two years.


You can read the full piece and watch the accompanying video here.


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