Hamas leader says Trump may be a Jew

November 21, 2016

[Note by Tom Gross]

In an interview on Al-Jazeera television, Hamas senior leader Mahmoud Al-Zahar says:

“The President before [Trump] was an African settler… Trump loves the Jews, and not only because he likes the Jewish religion. I do not rule out the possibility that he is a Jew. He loves the Jewish religion and the most important thing in the Jewish religion is Jewish money… the Jewish religion, the Jewish dollar, is the real decisive factor [ruining the world].”

I have written about Al-Zahar in past dispatches and criticized the BBC and other prominent western media for allowing Zahar free rein to tell unchallenged lies about Israel in softball interviews.

Al-Jazeera Arabic is much more widely watched and considerably more anti-Western than its English language version. It is funded by the government of Qatar.

When WikiLeaks revealed that the Clinton Foundation also accepted seven figure sums from the government of Qatar while Hillary Clinton was serving as secretary of state, and shortly before Qatari money helped to fund the creation of the Islamic State, and suppress women and gays, it further diminished trust in Hillary Clinton in the eyes of a number of American voters leading to the (in many ways) unfortunate election of Donald Trump.


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