Trump: what kind of a BBC headline about an ISIS attack on Israel is this?

June 17, 2017



[Note by Tom Gross]

Today Donald Trump Jr., the son of the President of the United States, sent out two tweets to his millions of followers, saying exactly the same thing that this Middle East dispatch list has said for years.

Referring to the coordinated three-man Isis machine gun and knife attack on Israelis yesterday, in which one 23-year-old policewoman was killed and five civilians who she was trying to protect, were injured, Trump criticized the absolutely dishonest and misleading headline of the BBC on Israel.

As was the case with the London terror attack earlier this month, which was also claimed by Isis, there were three Jihadi attackers, who were all shot dead by security forces as they attempted to kill more people. But in that assault the BBC headline did not make the attackers sound like innocent victims.

To my knowledge, this is the first time Trump or his father have singled out the BBC for criticism as part of their campaign against “fake news”. But then the BBC does not mislead its huge global audience on any other subject to the extent that it does on the subject of Israel.

As long as the mainstream media continues to display so much distortion, they simply play into President Trump’s hands and increase the resentment of millions of supporters have for the establishment. From the outset of his political career until today, Trump’s attacks on so-called fake news is a key reason why he has managed to gain so much attention and support.


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Among subscribers to this list is the head of BBC News and Current Affairs, who I know.

(This is a quick single item dispatch because I don’t have time for a more substantive dispatch today.)


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