Telling it as it is – A speech to the world’s dictators

September 19, 2017

President Trump speaks with his UN ambassador Nikki Haley before his forceful speech to the UN General Assembly today, in which he didn’t mince his words.



[Note by Tom Gross]

Another dispatch will follow later concerning speculation over President Donald Trump’s approach to Israeli-Palestinian peace prospects.

But before that, mindful that most of you are working in offices and were thus unable to watch it in full, I would recommend watching the speech that Trump has just given to the world’s leaders – including some of the world’s dictators present in person – at the UN General Assembly.

Full speech here

I would recommend watching the full speech rather than listening to or reading one or two lines that some media may understandably choose to draw attention to in their reports (Trump’s very harsh threats to North Korea and so on). (You may also wish to skip the opening couple of minutes in which Trump discusses domestic issues.)

In his speech, Trump made what were (in my view at any rate) important remarks about human rights, democracy and socialism; about Syria, and Assad’s use of chemical weapons; about the depravity of the UN Human Rights Council; about the Iranian regime (while paying great credit to the Iranian people); about Islamic terrorism; and about the Maduro regime in Venezuela – subjects covered in these dispatches over the years. Rarely have I heard any western leader make them with such force and clarity.

I’m also glad that Trump mentioned Otto Warmbier, the Jewish-American student who was sent home in a coma to die by the North Korean regime earlier this year. (Some of Otto’s family and friends are subscribers to this email list.)

While, of course, I don’t agree with everything Trump said (or indeed many of his domestic policies), his remarks in his UN speech today on migration and refugees were noteworthy.

The speech is also worth watching to observe the facial reactions of the Syrian, Iranian and other ambassadors to which he directed his remarks.


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