Video: Alibaba CEO Jack Ma lavishes praise on Israel (& UAE and Bahrain teams in Israel)

May 07, 2018


Above, the UAE team and below the Bahrain-sponsored team (both countries that don’t officially have relations with Israel) in Jerusalem for this past weekend’s Giro d’Italia cycle race, one of the ten most watched sporting events in the world on TV.

It is the first time the Giro d’Italia has begun outside Europe, and it was the biggest sporting event ever held in Israel, with cyclists riding in Jerusalem, then from Haifa to Tel Aviv, and then from Beersheba to Eilat. Thousands of people visited Israel for the event.

Short video here.

There are some nice aerial views of Jerusalem here.

And riding in the Negev desert here.

While The Times (of London) and BBC could not resist having a go at Israel politically in their reports of the race (in a way they don’t do about any other country in the world when they host sporting events), The Guardian avoided doing so (though other Guardian articles did politicize the event, in the way that they don't about sporting events in, say, Dubai and Turkey – for example, when there is a football match in Istanbul, they don’t mention the bombing of Kurds).

The event will finish in the Vatican on May 27.

The Giro d’Italia organizers also said they were happy to start in Israel to honor one of the most famous Giro d’Italia champions, three time winner Gino Bartali, a devout Catholic who risked his life to save dozens of Italian Jews during the Holocaust by riding at great speed across the Italian countryside to smuggle false identity papersto Jews in hiding.

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Here is an extract I posted from the speech by Alibaba CEO Jack Ma in Israel a couple of days ago.

On his first trip to Israel, he says he is amazed how different the country is from the misimpression given by journalists and others: “It is so different than what I heard… Don’t believe what you read about Israel. You should come here yourself, feel it and touch it… it is a miracle country…. It is the ‘never give up’ country.”

Chinese business magnate Jack Ma is currently ranked 2nd in the “World’s 50 Greatest Leaders” list by Fortune magazine.

He brought 40 senior management of Alibaba group to Israel.

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