Iranians Chant “Death to Palestine” in anti-regime protests in Iran today

June 25, 2018

One of several anti-regime protests today in Iran



[Note by Tom Gross]

BBC World Service Radio (though not many other media) is leading its bulletins this evening with the huge anti-government demonstrations in Tehran and other Iranian cities today. Protests have been continuing in cities across Iran for weeks now, ever since President Trump increased the pressure on the Iranian regime by pulling out of the flawed nuclear deal.

The demonstrations have become much larger today – but while the BBC (on air) has mentioned the slogans and chants today calling on the regime to stop funding Hezbollah, Assad, Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad, it has not mentioned that some Iranians have even chanted pro-Israel and pro-US slogans, which sources in Tehran have confirmed to me and others.


A few videos:

Anti-regime crowds in Teheran chanting “Death to Palestine” today:


Some chants today:

“Not Lebanon, not Gaza. My life is devoted to Iran.”
“Death to Syria.”
“Palestine, [and] Syria, is the cause of [our] misery.”
“Death to Dictator.”
“Death to Khamenei.”
“Reza Shah, blessed be your soul.”
“Long live the Shah!”
“O honorable Iranian, support, support”


BBC online here


UPDATE June 25, 10.30 pm

The Israeli and other Middle East media are now picking up this story, for example, here


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