Videos: Black African speaks out on Israel apartheid lie; Jordanian journalist ‘ashamed’ to compare Arab jails to ‘humane’ Israeli prisons

September 03, 2018


It is very much worth setting aside time to watch this 8 minute video:

Jamie Mithi of the South African think tank Africans for Peace, speaks out against the “Israel apartheid” lie propagated by many western journalists and academics, which he says not only distorts truth, but insults both Israeli Jews and the real suffering of South Africa’s Black population under the apartheid regime.

Mithi is interviewed by Muhammed Desai who constantly interrupts him when he wants to provide some facts. (In 2013, Desai defended shouts of “Kill the Jews” made by students an anti-Israel protest at Johannesburg’s Wits University.)

Tom Gross adds: Israeli Arabs vote, they serve in parliament, they can travel, they can sleep with whoever they want (providing it is consensual of course), they can be gay, they are represented in virtually every profession in Israel, and an increasing number serve in senior positions. For example, last month an Israeli Arab woman, Prof. Mona Khoury-Kassabri was appointed dean of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem’s School of Social Work, a major appointment for any woman in the Middle East.

(The Jewish-sounding South African Rebecca Mendelson who Desai quotes to Mithi in the TV clip to say Israel is a “fascist state” sounds like a made up “fake news” person, and I can’t find any reference to her in an internet search.)

The program aired on August 30, 2018.



(I placed this video on my YouTube channel shortly after it aired in June but didn’t mention it on this dispatch this list until now.)

Jordanian journalist Yousef Alawnah tells Saudi TV that his two years in prison in Israel (for explosives smuggling), was like spending time at an “institute of education,” where inmates were given “an opportunity to acquire culture, to read and to study many things, including in Arabic”.

“I am ashamed by [the comparison] between Israeli and Arab prisons [which are like] dungeons,” he said (June 12, 2018). “The prisoners held in the dungeons of the Syrian regime. Do you think that they have books?”

In Syria alone, according to Amnesty International, over 13,000 inmates have been killed in prison by the authorities in the last seven years. There is widespread torture in prisons throughout the Arab world and in Iran and Turkey.

In his interview, Alawnah also criticized Iran: “Consider what the Arabs have done to one another. If the Jews occupied Syria or Iraq, would they do all those things? Have the Jews killed as many Syrians, Palestinians, Egyptians, Jordanians, Lebanese, and others as Iran’s militias killed in Mosul or in Aleppo? No.”


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