What other country in the world would put up with this?

November 13, 2018


Many Israelis have an app on their phone that warns them of impending rocket attack, giving them a few seconds to try and take cover.

Above is an example from this morning.

Rockets are flying into southern Israel almost every minute, as the Hamas terror organization, using in part diverted European and Qatari aid money, continues to build an arsenal of rockets to try and indiscriminately kill and maim Israelis.




[Note by Tom Gross]

Yesterday at least 20 Israelis were injured in the largest ever number of rocket attacks in a single day by the Hamas terror organization. And yet there has been very little reporting of this in the international media, and even where there has been coverage it has often been inaccurate. (Serious reporting will only start when Israel finally starts to defend itself, in order to then portray Hamas as the victims.)

Over 400 rockets have been fired into Israel in the last 24 hours. Houses, buses and shops have been hit in many locations in southern Israel. One man was killed by a rocket that partially destroyed an apartment building. An Israeli 19-year-old is in critical condition. Other Israeli children were injured as rockets slammed into homes. An elderly woman was also seriously injured. One dog in Israel died of injuries from a Hamas rocket. Prime Minister Netanyahu is being criticized in Israel for his weak response.

Israeli casualties have not been far higher, thanks to the technologically amazing Iron Dome system shooting down many incoming rockets and people sheltering in underground bomb shelters. Schools in southern Israel are closed today as children are being told to stay in bomb shelters.


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