“When a picture paints a thousand words”

January 25, 2019


[Notes by Tom Gross]

This is what British political anti-Semitism in 2019 looks like: (left wing) Green Party deputy leader Amelia Womack tweeted an image blaming Israel for the failure of Venezuelan socialism, as well as for the rest of the world’s conflicts. This is exactly the kind of lie Hitler said about the Jews in the run-up to the Holocaust. Sunday marks international Holocaust Remembrance Day in Britain and many other countries.
Womack said the image, which shows the United States as Death, holding a scythe with the flag of Israel which has produced blood through massacres in four continents, as painting “a thousand words.”

(Of course, the image is viciously anti-American too. But Americans are not a tiny minority under threat like Jews.)

(Update: Under pressure Womack has now aplogized, admitted the tweet is “in fact anti-Semitic” and deleted her tweet. Some British Jews have accepted her apology, while many others say the series of less than apologetic excuses she made for over 12 hours before finally agreeing to apologize show her to be disingenuous.)


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