Anti-Semitic dog whistle

April 27, 2019



[Note by Tom Gross]

Is it any wonder that so many people accuse the New York Times of encouraging anti-Semitism? A skull-cap wearing US President Donald Trump is led by a dog Netanyahu with a Star of David. The cartoon above is from the New York Times’ international edition; once again the Times helps spread anti-Semitic tropes around the world.

As I wrote in this new article I sent out earlier:

In the latest in a long line of tweets or retweets with inaccurate or incendiary information concerning Jews, congresswoman Ilhan Omar this week retweeted a New York Times Easter op-ed which claimed that “Jesus… was most likely a Palestinian.”

Jesus was, of course, like all his disciples, Jewish. Denial of the fact that Jews originated in Israel is now a staple of anti-Zionist anti-Semitism on both the extreme right and left. Palestinians are Arabs. Arabs first conquered the area in which Jesus was crucified over 600 years later. That the New York Times should mislead to the detriment of Israel is hardly surprising – it is notorious for doing so. But Omar, a member of the powerful House Foreign Affairs Committee, should know better than to spread fake history.


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