Israeli father of 4 killed; IDF: Western media gullibly repeating claims that Israel killed Palestinian mother and baby

May 05, 2019



[Note by Tom Gross]

This is a follow-up to my dispatch from yesterday morning.

Moshe Agadi, 58, a father of four, was killed in his home (above) in the Israeli town of Ashkelon by a Hamas rocket.

An 80-year-old Israeli woman from Kiryat Gat is in critical condition with severe head injuries and shrapnel wounds, after she couldn’t reach a bus shelter in time to take cover as a rocket struck her in the street.

At least 430 Palestinian rockets have been fired since Saturday morning, aiming to kill and maim Israeli civilians.

At least 83 Israelis have received medical treatment for physical and severe psychological injuries in the past 24 hours, despite people cowering in bomb shelters and the iron dome shooting down countless rockets. Hundreds of thousands of Israelis are traumatized.

Once again, Israeli PM Netanyahu has been criticized by the Israeli left, center and right, for Israel’s weak response as the IDF chooses mainly to bomb empty buildings rather than kill the terrorists launching the deadly rockets. No other country would put up with this, they say.



The IDF yesterday accused Western media of gullibly repeating Palestinian claims that Israel killed a Palestinian mother and baby yesterday.

Last year, when Israel was also accused of killing a baby, Palestinian doctors later admitted that the baby had died of pre-existing causes and was not killed by Israel. This, after the New York Times, Financial Times and other prominent western media, ran front page stories about the baby they falsely claimed that Israel had killed:


Yesterday, the BBC and others again began reports that Israel killed a Palestinian mother and baby. Today, the New York Times says at the start of its article that Israel killed a Palestinian mother and baby. (Sunday May 5 New York print edition, page 8.)

News agencies such as AFP today highlight Israeli denials of these Palestinians claims but the BBC and New York Times do not.



Reminder: There is plenty of money in Gaza. It is Hamas’ decision to deliberately impoverish much of its population for propaganda purposes.

Watch -- AL JAZEERA ARABIC video of Gaza wealth:

Watch -- TURKISH TV video of Gaza abundance of food:


That is not to say that there isn’t significant hardship in Gaza too. There is.


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