Using football to attack the Jews

June 03, 2019


[Note by Tom Gross]

The head of the Liverpool supporters club Tony Barrett responds to a tweet by the left-wing British politician George Galloway (who also adds an umlaut, hint hint).

For those who don't know, Ronnie Rosenthal and Avi Cohen were Israelis who played for Liverpool football club in the past. Galloway is also probably unaware that Shankly was famously philo-Semitic.

Liverpool beat Tottenham in the European champions club soccer final on Saturday evening in Madrid. (It is the world's leading annual football club event, watched by a television audience of hundreds of millions of people.)

Tottenham is a north London district which traditionally had a sizable working class Jewish population.

Tottenham FC this morning issued a statement condemning George Galloway's "blatant antisemitism".

When Galloway was the MP for the English city of Bradford in 2014, he infamously declared he wanted to make the city an "Israel-free zone".

In the U.K., he continues to have his own popular radio show on TalkRadio, from which he spews his hateful views.


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